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Week 2 :: of teetering stilettos and Emma Watson

Upon perusing this week’s entries, I realized I’ve not entirely stuck to a stark black and white look. Oh, sure I’ve tried to obey the theme to the letter (re: my internal struggle on Day 2), but I’ve been using patterns and, although they did strictly follow the rule, they didn’t really provide much of a visual black and white impact.  I needed to rectify this situation.


Enter Emma Watson and the above Pinterest look I’ve been dying to dupe for a while now. Of course I am not as gamine and adorable and young as Ms. Watson, and of course I’d mis-remembered and monochromed the outer rather than the inner layer, but I’m pleased with my end result anyhow.

I love the subtle sparkle of this lace top. It allows me to minimize the accessorizing without looking incomplete or bare. At the last minute, I threw on this snakeskin bangle which totally gets in the way of typing.  How do people function with arm candy?

My Jessica Simpson heels are not the most comfortable (I had to don my commuter shoes just to get from the parking lot to my room) but they help the leanness of my silhouette, a definite must when wearing potentially enlarging white.

Never be afraid of white, people. The worst that can happen is you spill spaghetti sauce on your lap and you walk around for the rest of the day looking like a mob hit.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Blazer – Apostrophe from Sears
Top – F21
Cropped jeans – Rewind from Kohl’s
Pumps – Jessica Simpson
Arm bangle – gift from student

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Week 2 :: of eyelets and blazers

It seems it’s either feast or famine these days.

Yesterday’s outfit was a challenge but today’s is like shooting fish in a barrel.  All I had to do was type in “white dress black blazer” and a plethora of choices came up, ready for Collage-ing.

I toyed with the idea of wearing a cardigan but the fabric of the dress is really stiff and a soft cardi just didn’t lay right over it. I also toyed with the idea of my Jessica Simpson stilettos because the length of this dress made me feel like I needed to elongate my leg, but opted for the boot because I knew I was going to do a lot of walking today.

As far as accessories, I kept things simple because I find that the color contrast of black and white loses its power with too much stuff.  See yesterday’s outfit for an example.  I’m not saying it was bad, just not my fave.  I think all the bling I wore, coupled with the striped top, diminished the oomph of the look. Plus, I felt fussy all day.  So today, I chose a statement necklace that complements rather than contrasts.  The headband was a freebie from a recent Modcloth purchase and is my only nod to going beyond simplicity.

As the week progresses and I continue to create outfits, I’m realizing that I like having to follow a particular theme.  It simplifies things and provides order and cohesion to my wardrobe.  Maybe it’s the English major in me or perhaps it’s my closet OCD coming out.  Whatever the case, I think I’m going to follow suit for the next few weeks and I already have a couple of ideas for themes.  I’m always open to suggestions, though, so if you have any ideas, I’d be happy to entertain them.  Perhaps challenge me with something to see if my closet can take it?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – I.N.C. via eBay
Blazer – New York and Co.
Boots – Cathy Jean
Necklace – Francesca’s Collections
Headband – Modcloth

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Week 2 :: of elusive inspiration and the striped blazer

Late last season, this blazer exploded on the blogosphere and you really couldn’t escape it.  Every fashion blogger I followed styled it in every conceivable way – casual, work appropriate, girls’ night out – and with every conceivable color combo.  Wendy even featured it in a daring pattern mixing ensemble which I tried to dupe and was promptly shut down by very well-meaning friends who said I looked like a crazy cat lady.

Of course, now that I want to do my own spin for Black and White week, I’m hard-pressed trying to find an appropriate photo for duping purposes.  Blargh.  I mean, come on, people!  Black and white!  Really?!  Nothing?!

I could’ve just thrown in the towel, copied the above photo and done the look sans black slacks, but I refused to surrender my B&W Week theme so easily.  After good ol’ Google let me down, I had to resort to Polyvore for inspiration pics and this is the closest I came to what I had in mind.

Black slacks, white shirt, striped jacket.  A very easy, go-to uniform that spans, I think, all professions.  I’ve been accused in the past of coming to work too dressed up/trendy/office-esque but I say always err on the side of professional over casual.  I could’ve done this with dark wash jeans but I was feeling trouser-y today.

You can’t really see my shoes under the slacks because I follow the Stacy/Clinton “pants must skim floor” rule, so here’s a better shot.  They’re my fave pumps – Madden Girl T-strap and comfy as sin and a much-needed break from yesterday’s pump which killed my feetsies.  I love these shoes so much that I actually got them cobbled for more than I paid for when they were falling apart.  I’ve also included close ups of my accessories – an attempt at bling beyond my usual watch and Vivienne Westwood armor ring.  I think the necklace and arm candy together is too much?  What say you?  If so, which should I keep and which should I edit out?



:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Shirt – Tobi
Blazer – Daily Look
Trousers – New York and Co.
Pumps – Madden Girl
Arm bling – F21/handmade
Necklace – eBay

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Week 2 :: of Mondays and the striped skirt

This week, rather than my random dart-throwing at Pinterest boards, I decided to challenge myself with a theme.  And since my closet is primarily made up of the two ends of the spectrum, I present to you, my friends, Black & White Week.

 inspiration photo from Wendy’s Lookbook

Today is Monday and it’s predicted to be the coldest day of the week.  A dreadful So.Cal. weather change with 80-degree temps is looming in the horizon so my cashmere turtleneck ensemble needed to happen now.

I’m not as cute and tiny as Wendy and my skirt doesn’t have the coveted pockets but I think my version comes pretty darned close to the original. I did add the neck bling but only because turtlenecks give me uniboob so I needed a visual break against that vast expanse.  It takes the place of the belt from the inspiration photo.

Here is the shoe I wore.  It’s a relatively new purchase (read: two weeks ago) from Target and I’m particularly proud of it because I’d been on the hunt for a comfortable yet cute nude pumps since forever.  There’s an actual saga attached to that hunt but that’s a story for another day.  Suffice to say, this shoe will probably feature often in numerous outfits to come.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Turtleneck – Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Skirt – a-thread
Pumps – Merona at Target
Necklace – F21

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