Day 1 :: of cardigans and glen plaid pants


I had the pants and the shirt almost exactly but the olive green cardi stumped me.  I toyed with using a print or a pop of color cardi to substitute but eventually settled for a monochromatic look with my crested cardi from F21.  To break things up, I accessorized with my new fave scarf, purchased from eBay.

A close up of the pant (Mossimo from Target several seasons ago) so you all can see the glen plaid glory:

There were shoes in the inspiration photo as well but it was too cold for pumps so I chose to ignore footwear as statement and opted for warmth and comfort instead.  This is the shoe I wore (it’s so old that I can’t even link it; the brand is Unlisted):

My BFF asked why I didn’t tuck in the shirt and button up the cardi; she reminded me that I’d once mentioned not doing either made for a sloppy look.  I told her I just wasn’t feeling it – maybe I should’ve gone pop of color or print cardi after all – so I must have subconsciously been after the sloppy casual vibe.  But just for kicks and since it was the end of the day anyhow, I consented to tweaking the look.

Which do you prefer?  Tucked or untucked?  Did you like the monochromatic or should I have gone with a different cardi?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Cardigan – F21
Shirt – F21
Pants – Mossimo at Target
Infinity scarf – eBay
Booties – Unlisted


3 thoughts on “Day 1 :: of cardigans and glen plaid pants

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