What’s in my cart :: Forever 21

As we all know, I am a rabid online shopper.  I put myself to bed by the light of my laptop and several browser windows open side by side to compare similar items from various stores.

I know.  I’m in deep.

But my one tried and true, my one guilty pleasure, my one constant is Forever 21.  You just can’t beat this retail behemoth.  They’re always on trend and super affordable, but best of all, F21 has the most obscenely accessible window shopping environment ever.  I’m talking multiple views of every item, exact measurement and clothing care instructions info, intuitive search functions and the all-important “sort by: low price” option.

Can you tell I’m in love?  (And I don’t even care when my 7-year-old daughter tells me I’m too old for this store;  I mean it’s called “forever 21” for a reason, right?!)

Anyhoo, not a day goes by that I’m not on the F21 site, browsing their daily deals and new arrivals.  It doesn’t hurt that I’m on their mailing list for said new arrival updates.  So, since I do not get all gussied up on the weekends because I’m either sleeping in/hiking/knitting/marathon watching Downton Abbey or Project Runway – none of which activities require me to do anything beyond sweats and a messy ponytail – I’ve decided to fill the weekend blog void with a segment called “What’s in my cart” and who better to start with than F21?

So, without further ado…

I’ve been jonesing for a mint top since it hit the fashion blogosphere in time for spring season.  It’s number one on my spring splurge list but I just can’t seem to make up my mind.  I like the shape of the one on the left but I like the color of the one on the right.  Blargh.

Totally obsessed with floral.  Totally.  Obsessed.  But I’ve already purchased this Lauren Conrad number which made me go over my February budget so I guess I’m left to longingly look at these.  Or should I return the LC pants and get these two – it’d be the same price…

And finally, this jacket.  I didn’t even realize I wanted/needed an oxblood moto jacket but then KS#1 bought this ASOS version and raved about it and then Sally sported the same one in a recent post so of course, being the fashion lemming that I am, I had to have one.  This is much more affordable but it’s not exactly season appropriate and I’m wondering if it’ll go on sale later down the road.  Fingers crossed that they’ll still have my size then.

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3 thoughts on “What’s in my cart :: Forever 21

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