Week 2 :: of elusive inspiration and the striped blazer

Late last season, this blazer exploded on the blogosphere and you really couldn’t escape it.  Every fashion blogger I followed styled it in every conceivable way – casual, work appropriate, girls’ night out – and with every conceivable color combo.  Wendy even featured it in a daring pattern mixing ensemble which I tried to dupe and was promptly shut down by very well-meaning friends who said I looked like a crazy cat lady.

Of course, now that I want to do my own spin for Black and White week, I’m hard-pressed trying to find an appropriate photo for duping purposes.  Blargh.  I mean, come on, people!  Black and white!  Really?!  Nothing?!

I could’ve just thrown in the towel, copied the above photo and done the look sans black slacks, but I refused to surrender my B&W Week theme so easily.  After good ol’ Google let me down, I had to resort to Polyvore for inspiration pics and this is the closest I came to what I had in mind.

Black slacks, white shirt, striped jacket.  A very easy, go-to uniform that spans, I think, all professions.  I’ve been accused in the past of coming to work too dressed up/trendy/office-esque but I say always err on the side of professional over casual.  I could’ve done this with dark wash jeans but I was feeling trouser-y today.

You can’t really see my shoes under the slacks because I follow the Stacy/Clinton “pants must skim floor” rule, so here’s a better shot.  They’re my fave pumps – Madden Girl T-strap and comfy as sin and a much-needed break from yesterday’s pump which killed my feetsies.  I love these shoes so much that I actually got them cobbled for more than I paid for when they were falling apart.  I’ve also included close ups of my accessories – an attempt at bling beyond my usual watch and Vivienne Westwood armor ring.  I think the necklace and arm candy together is too much?  What say you?  If so, which should I keep and which should I edit out?



:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Shirt – Tobi
Blazer – Daily Look
Trousers – New York and Co.
Pumps – Madden Girl
Arm bling – F21/handmade
Necklace – eBay

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