Week 2 :: of teetering stilettos and Emma Watson

Upon perusing this week’s entries, I realized I’ve not entirely stuck to a stark black and white look. Oh, sure I’ve tried to obey the theme to the letter (re: my internal struggle on Day 2), but I’ve been using patterns and, although they did strictly follow the rule, they didn’t really provide much of a visual black and white impact.  I needed to rectify this situation.


Enter Emma Watson and the above Pinterest look I’ve been dying to dupe for a while now. Of course I am not as gamine and adorable and young as Ms. Watson, and of course I’d mis-remembered and monochromed the outer rather than the inner layer, but I’m pleased with my end result anyhow.

I love the subtle sparkle of this lace top. It allows me to minimize the accessorizing without looking incomplete or bare. At the last minute, I threw on this snakeskin bangle which totally gets in the way of typing.  How do people function with arm candy?

My Jessica Simpson heels are not the most comfortable (I had to don my commuter shoes just to get from the parking lot to my room) but they help the leanness of my silhouette, a definite must when wearing potentially enlarging white.

Never be afraid of white, people. The worst that can happen is you spill spaghetti sauce on your lap and you walk around for the rest of the day looking like a mob hit.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Blazer – Apostrophe from Sears
Top – F21
Cropped jeans – Rewind from Kohl’s
Pumps – Jessica Simpson
Arm bangle – gift from student

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2 thoughts on “Week 2 :: of teetering stilettos and Emma Watson

  1. Del says:

    i really like the top!!

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