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Week 3 :: of polka dots, a shirt dress and springtime

Welcome, my friends, to Polka Dot Week!

After reading the history of the polka dot, I got even more excited about this week’s theme.  Already, I had been using the idea of it to snap me out of the doldrums last week’s theme had wrought.  Now knowing its illustrious roots – Minnie Mouse, no less! – I can’t wait to play and see what my closet can come up with.

Today, we start out rather sedately.  I say sedately because when one thinks of polka dots, one usually conjures up a black and white schema.

And although I’ve probably had enough of b&w to last me several months, I can stand it in this ensemble because of the unexpected color pairing.  Oh, sure, black and white go with anything, but there’s something quirky about the green.  It makes me feel like spring is right around the corner.


There promised to be a little nip in the air, though, so I erred on the side of warmer and thus the stockings and boots. Hosiery may come off by the end of the day depending on our lovely micro climate.


I went accessory-lite today to make the polka dot the main attraction.  I did do away with the self-tie belt in favor of my own brown one, however, to pick up the brown of the boot.  (Black and brown and polka dots?  I know, I’m so fashion forward!)


My ubiquitous Vivienne Westwood knuckle duster ring, Tag Heuer watch, circle necklace and a pair of simple hoops and I’m ready to face my Monday.  How about you?

(P.S. Does anyone know a way for me to take these photos without looking like I’ve just sat on a whoopie cushion?  I feel so stiff and two-dimensional when I pose.  Any tips would be much appreciated.)

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Merona at Target
Cardigan – Modcloth
Belt – Marshalls
Boots – Target
Ring – Hervia
Watch – Christmas gift from husband
Necklace – etsy
Hoops – New York and Co.

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