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Week 3 :: of courage and pattern mixing

pink polka dot

The above collage was the initial impetus for today’s outfit.  Since I had my breakthrough with yesterday’s mint, I figured I’d go whole hog and embrace pastel glory.  The problem was that I had very few items in this palette.

Or so I thought.

(This is the part where I digress and get to the point much, much later.  Like four paragraphs later.  So if you don’t have the time or the inclination, skip down four paragraphs.)

As you may have already deduced, I am no shrinking violet.  I am adventurous and confident and assertive with my fashion choices and I try not to pigeon-hole myself into any niche because I love experimenting so much.  (My strength is also my weakness, by the way. Because I have no definitive style, my closet tends to be an equal opportunity trendsetter, opening its doors to fads like the manager at an all-you-can-eat buffet grand opening.)

I am not new to pattern mixing.  In fact, my earliest recollection of having done so was in the 7th grade when I wore grey paisley pants with a purple floral top and completed the ensemble with red pointy-toed ankle booties. No, I don’t have a picture.

I admit that I am not as fearless now, however.  Even less so when we’ve got V.I.P.s coming to visit and check out our school and our best practices. I actually debated opting out of Polka Dot Week at least for today in favor of something more sedate.

That debate lasted all of two minutes.  I guess I’ve still got a bit of the rebel in me.

For your consideration, then, is this potential fashion faux pas.  Are the patterns competing with each other?  Sure, but not any worse than the inspiration pic, I think.  And I also did try to keep things within the same color family to minimize the visual punch.  See, the rule of thumb with pattern mixing is either keep prints in contrasting size/shape or keep within the same palette.  The inspiration pic does the former and I did the latter, but only because I was super excited to find actual pastel in my closet and I wanted to wear both.   (See how I got to the point with the pastel here?)


I was gonna wear stilettos, but that was just entering too much into cougar territory, what with the bodycon skirt and all.  I chose my “sensible” (read: comfortable) heels so I could stride with confidence, a very effective insecurity buster if you ever needed one.


Sans accessories beyond the usual suspects today.  I think I’ve reached my fashion forward quota for the day.  I do want to highlight, though, my fabulous headband from France Luxe.  On sale for a mere $5, it’s a godsend when one is prone to headband headaches.  Its definitely earned its name as a comfort headband.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Shirt – F21
Blazer – ideeli
Skirt – F21 (beginning of this season)
Shoes –  Seychelles

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Week 3 :: of harrowing trips and minty goodness

I never liked mint. I felt it too pastel and too prissy for me and my personality and my coloring. So when I spotted this shirt at Target at the beginning of the season, I bypassed it in favor of its more cheerful yellow cousin (the one with the birds). But then mint blew up as the color and my blogger ladies had a field day with this particular top and I became obsessed with finding it.

Merona® Women's Favorite Lawn Shirt - Assorted Colors

Of course, having hopped on the bandwagon a bit too late, this shirt was nowhere to be found in my size.  It was all sold out online as well.  At one point, I even toyed with getting it two sizes too big  – my local brick and mortar had it in an XXL – and either have it tailored or shrink it or both, but my sanity prevailed.

I would go on a manhunt instead.

So one day, while playing hooky from work, I visited no less than five Target stores, traveling a total of at least 75 miles before sanity once again reared its insufferable head and asked rather snarkily why I didn’t just ask a sales associate to track it down for me.


One more trip, 20 miles and a dead iPhone due to excessive use of Google maps later, I was the proud owner of this shirt.  I now needed to put it to good use.  But it was so special and I’d gone through so much to get it that I needed an occasion to do so.

My friends, today is that occasion!

It doesn’t hurt that I have also managed to acquire a pair of boyfriend jeans (after a lengthy but not as gas-guzzling shopping expedition online) and a navy blue cardi quite recently.  I know I use this word often, but serendipity indeed!



I’ve chosen to wear my brand new boat shoes because a) I love the preppiness of a boat /boyfriend jean combo and b) I’m going to a conference today that requires much movement so I don’t need to be limping in heels.  A pop of color with a fun floral scarf and my hair pulled back completes the ensemble.


By the way, I checked Target today for a photo of the shirt and they now have it in stock in my size, both online and at my local b&m.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Shirt – Target
Cardigan – Old Navy
Jeans – Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s
Shoes – Croft and Barrow at Kohl’s
Scarf – Charlotte Russe
Belt – old

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