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Week 3 :: of red, white, blue and wishful thinking

Today totally validates my obscenely extensive clothing collection.

This was my planned Thursday outfit.polka dot 4 (Full disclosure: I come up with my theme and plan all five work day outfits on Sunday then hang them all up in order on my closet door frame, complete with accessories and shape wear.) I was super excited about it – even had my subject line prepped and everything – when the Fates conspired against me.

In true So.Cal. schizophrenia, the weather decides it’s had enough of the 80+ degrees it had teased us with over the weekend and reverts back to chilly, overcast highs in the 60s which is predicted to last for the remainder of the week.

So this lovely Fourth of July-esque  ensemble was an instant no-go.  If the open-toed sandals I’d set aside as my version of the dupe didn’t do it, the sleeveless top would have undone me and frozen me for sure.

Now, I’d already had a long day on high alert while the CA Distinguished Schools panel roamed the campus to validate our application.  Then I had to come home to my son’s less-than-stellar grades in Listening and Speaking.  Wednesdays are also laundry days.  Adding insult to injury, my daughter reminds me that I’d promised to take her to Staples to pick up a cordless phone so she could call her friend.

Can we say ‘blargh’?

Needless to say, I really didn’t relish revamping my Thursday outfit since this required 1) at least an hour on Pinterest culling through hundreds of pins using the search terms “polka dots and boots”, 2) another thirty minutes or so narrowing down my choices to ones I could successfully replicate with what I had on hand, and then 3) another hour actually trying on the options until I landed on a winning look.

But before this post devolves into a pity party, I end my whine now to announce that the above process ended up taking me all of fifteen minutes.  Oh, not the laundry or the Staples expedition which ended up being a Target expedition that took twice as long as anticipated – oh, no!  I’m not Supermom – but today’s outfit’s creation.


Note that it’s not an exact match.  The neutral colors of the inspiration look are represented in mine but I am missing the greys and browns.  You can’t really tell, but she is wearing a polka dotted skirt; mine is definitely louder than hers.  Her cardi is long-sleeved; mine is short. (I have to say, though, that I do prefer the flared hem of mine over her slouchy, albeit comfy silhouette.)  She’s got on a brown leather belt while I’m wearing a black stretch number.  And I swear my infinity scarf is mustard!  (But only in natural light; under fluorescents, it transforms into chartreuse.  Go figure.)


I wanted to wear my moto boots from Charlotte Russe because, as inexpensive as they were, they’re my most comfy shoes at the moment, but I decided the length of my skirt begged for the boost from platform booties instead.


So really, I just took the basic foundation – shirt, skirt, belt, slouchy cardi, infinity scarf – delved into the depths of my closet, and created an approximation of the inspiration look.

I’m truly amazed and pat-myself-on-the-back impressed that it all came together in fifteen minutes.  Plus, I ended up being very satisfied with my version.  And none of it would’ve been possible had I not had a variety of the foundation pieces on hand.

Too many clothes, you say?  Perhaps.  But sometimes quantity does trounce quality, especially when working mom-ness descends upon you with the full force of a category 5 hurricane.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Shirt – Tobi
Cardigan – F21
Skirt – F21
Belt – New York and Co.
Scarf – eBay
Booties – Michael Antonio’s Cane

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