Week 4 :: of graphic prints, CAL, and color triads

Did I mention that I have a sad dearth of green in my wardrobe?

Yes.  Yes, I did.

So yesterday’s outfit notwithstanding, I almost had a mini-meltdown when I saw today’s inspiration pic.  Why?  Because the pattern on her skirt screamed “dupe-able!” to me and yet I had no green top in which to swan about and look all charming and twee.

California_Golden_BearsEnter my good ol’ alma mater.  When in doubt, always go for blue and gold, right?  Besides, yellow is close enough to green on the color wheel to be its kissing cousin, so I feel perfectly validated in replacing one with the other.  Go, Bears!

Then again, colors are only part of the outfit equation.

My friends, her skirt has pockets.

I’m realizing that I love me a good pocket.  Pockets.  Whatever.  Why don’t designers make everything with pockets?  Are you with me on this?  I mean, think about it…they are both functional and fashionable.  They allow you to go places prepared sans purse.  They keep your hands warm when they’re attacked by an early morning chill.  They provide a good way to pose without looking weird with your arms akimbo.


I, sadly, do not have pockets so please pardon the awkward posing.  Focus instead on the amazing and bold color partnering of yellow and red.  Oh, alright, maybe that pairing is less amazing and bold and more Ronald McDonald, as Audrey over at Putting Me Together feared yesterday.

I actually didn’t even think of the McDonald’s connection when I created this ensemble last Sunday.  After reading her post, though, I almost switched out the belt for a more traditional navy but luckily – or unluckily, depending on your perspective – I do not own a thick navy belt, so the red stayed.  I think it’s whimsical and fun myself.


Because the print of the skirt is so in-your-face and because there’s so much of it – curse you and your heaps of material, maxi skirt! – I opted once again for simple accessories (curved bar necklace, headband, studs) and a monochromatic shoe choice that just blends inconspicuously beneath the voluminous folds of cloth.  No muss, no fuss.


You know, for all that I preach daily on the power of three – it is the magic number after all – I’m surprised I don’t do more color triads with clothing.  I have to say that the yellow/red/blue combo is making me rather giddy right now.  Remind me, my friends, that I must use three colors in future outfits more often, mmm’kay?


Forgive the darkness of these photos. I try to take my pics early in the morning before the kids come.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Modcloth
Skirt – Old Navy
Belt – Kohl’s
Flats – Old Navy

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11 thoughts on “Week 4 :: of graphic prints, CAL, and color triads

  1. jenortega says:

    There’s a FLASH??? What the heck!? Red belt was not Ronald McDonald at all. I really enjoy the small ways that you up the fun of an outfit, and this was one.

  2. mtsedwards says:

    @Del – oh my duh! I totally didn’t think about the flash. Will try that next time. And I’m wearing one of the NYX cream blushes – tea rose, I think. How funny that you like my makeup; I feel I’ve fallen off the makeup bandwagon halfway through this year when I got too lazy to do it. No more eye shadow for me since it wasn’t obvious with my wearing glasses. Now all I do is eyeliner, mascara, blush and lips.

  3. Del says:

    Even though it’s dark, I love the photo of you sitting by the window. The outfit is great. Love the mix of colors…happy to see you’re making good use of that yellow top 🙂

    • mtsedwards says:

      Thanks, Del! I’m trying to play around with different spots for pictures but it’s hard to do photo shoots with kids around coz I get self-conscious so I usually fight daylight trying to do it so early.

  4. Ernie says:

    OMG those shoes are singing!

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