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Week 4 :: of extractions and wishful pedis

So I went to the dentist today.

Thank Buddha that it wasn’t my teeth on the chopping block.

No, sirree!

I had been given special dispensation to miss work today so I could be a good mommy and hold my daughter’s hand while she gets some serious dental work done.  It was supposed to be a root canal on a baby tooth next Tuesday but she was in so much pain yesterday that it became an extraction of said baby tooth today.  Of course, I’d already planned this outfit, inspired by this photo, so it seemed like a waste not to wear it.


I’d actually put this ensemble together first when I had my Maxi Skirt Week brain fart.  I mentioned it here when I talked about the taupe skirt.  I think it goes better in this look than the other, if only because the top’s pop of orange makes for a more unorthodox and therefore more interesting pairing than the white top would have.

As this is the end of this week and therefore this theme, how’s about we jot down some reflections on the experience?

Revelation number one: I can finally let out my gut.  Upon revisiting the maxi skirt posts, I realize that all the previous outfits required some sort of waist cinching and I’d been subconsciously sucking in all week.  The blouson effect of today’s top allows me to breathe deep and exhale to my lungs’ content.  It does make this ensemble a little more bohemian than I’m comfortable with, though, which is probably why I subconsciously threw on the cropped denim jacket to add structure and to toughen up the look.


Revelation number two: I should’ve made this week do double duty – Maxi Skirt and Statement Necklace.  Sure, I only utilized two of the myriad statement necklaces I own, but there’s something about flowy skirts that demand a strong neck candy pairing, don’t you think?

Revelation number three: I didn’t really think too hard about shoes this week perhaps because for the most part, the skirts covered them up.  I had a tendency toward flats because a heel seemed too incongruous and flimsy when paired with so much voluminous material. (Note: the only time I wore a heel was when my maxi had a more sleek, bodycon silhouette, and even then the heel wasn’t too high.)  Today, however, I thought I was going to get a pedicure, so I opted for peep-toe sandals and I figured I could get away with a heel if it was a weighty wedge.


I didn’t get that planned pedicure.  Instead, after the very painless tooth extraction – Aly didn’t flinch once and her hand, in mine the whole time, never tensed up or clenched to cut off my circulation like I’d expected – I spent the rest of my ditch day farting around the local mall.  It was the best mommy-daughter day ever, both because of the illicit feeling that we’d stolen a day, and because we weren’t accountable to anybody but ourselves.  Plus, I found out that my lovely seven-year-old is a master iPhone picture taker – she posed and framed all these shots with no coaching from me whatsoever.


It was a good day.  Happy weekend, my friends!  Make good choices!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Love 21 at F21
Skirt – eBay
Jacket – F21
Wedges – MIA
Necklace – Francesca’s Collections
Hair clip – France Luxe

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