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What’s in my cart :: jcp

JCPenney has come a long way for me.

I remember going to the mall in junior high and steering clear of the east wing because only moms and uncool kids used the JCPenney entrance; everyone else congregated in front of Broadway – which, of course, doesn’t even exist anymore.  Later, in high school and then college, I only ventured into Penneys if I needed “work clothes” (read: pencil skirts and blazers), utilitarian underthings or socks.

jcp fell off my radar for a long time – ok, let’s be honest; I forgot all about it, especially when I gave up brick and mortar for online shopping – but resurfaced quite recently with their name revamp and their aggressive print advertising.  I mean, how could I resist lower-case letters and bright, punchy pull-out spreads of families dressed in seasonal attire?  Their marketing strategy suddenly skewed young and fun, rivaling that of Old Navy.


When the tv spots emerged – the ones with the side-by-side comparison of similar outfits that cost less at jcp, of course – I was hooked.  I have yet to purchase regularly from them because they’re still not ingrained into my fashion schema, but I think the introduction of Canada-based Joe Fresh clothing into their stores will be a game changer.

Here, then, are the items I’m debating on purchasing:

  1. The silk shirts – Long sleeve or short?  Which color gives the most bang for my buck?  Is it really too thin and sheer as KS#1 says?
  2. The gingham shirt – Is the green check my best bet or should I get pink? Or do I already have a navy check gingham and buying novelty colors is overkill?
  3. The skinny jeans – Which color for spring? Or do I have too many colored skinnies?  Or should I just get them for $4 cheaper at F21?
  4. The print crew neck top – The black or the floral?  Or neither?
  5. The floral print cardigan – The one I’m showing or the other?  Or no to both?
  6. The lace top – White or green?

And so the verdict is out and I await your opinions with bated breath.  Something to keep you occupied on a lovely Saturday afternoon, I hope.

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