What’s in my cart :: jcp

JCPenney has come a long way for me.

I remember going to the mall in junior high and steering clear of the east wing because only moms and uncool kids used the JCPenney entrance; everyone else congregated in front of Broadway – which, of course, doesn’t even exist anymore.  Later, in high school and then college, I only ventured into Penneys if I needed “work clothes” (read: pencil skirts and blazers), utilitarian underthings or socks.

jcp fell off my radar for a long time – ok, let’s be honest; I forgot all about it, especially when I gave up brick and mortar for online shopping – but resurfaced quite recently with their name revamp and their aggressive print advertising.  I mean, how could I resist lower-case letters and bright, punchy pull-out spreads of families dressed in seasonal attire?  Their marketing strategy suddenly skewed young and fun, rivaling that of Old Navy.


When the tv spots emerged – the ones with the side-by-side comparison of similar outfits that cost less at jcp, of course – I was hooked.  I have yet to purchase regularly from them because they’re still not ingrained into my fashion schema, but I think the introduction of Canada-based Joe Fresh clothing into their stores will be a game changer.

Here, then, are the items I’m debating on purchasing:

  1. The silk shirts – Long sleeve or short?  Which color gives the most bang for my buck?  Is it really too thin and sheer as KS#1 says?
  2. The gingham shirt – Is the green check my best bet or should I get pink? Or do I already have a navy check gingham and buying novelty colors is overkill?
  3. The skinny jeans – Which color for spring? Or do I have too many colored skinnies?  Or should I just get them for $4 cheaper at F21?
  4. The print crew neck top – The black or the floral?  Or neither?
  5. The floral print cardigan – The one I’m showing or the other?  Or no to both?
  6. The lace top – White or green?

And so the verdict is out and I await your opinions with bated breath.  Something to keep you occupied on a lovely Saturday afternoon, I hope.

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12 thoughts on “What’s in my cart :: jcp

  1. Elba says:

    Dang it. I liked almost all of them. These spring color skinnies are nicer than the ones I saw at target. The color is more subdued – not so shocking. Only one I’m not so crazy about is the flower sweater on row 5.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Ahahahaha! I ended up getting that flower sweater! Let’s see if it’s a keeper in person. And then when I go to return stuff – because invariably I will – I can try on those silk shirts at the store and settle my mind on them once and for all.

  2. Del says:

    Still don’t think the shirts are worth it…but if you had to choose, I’d go for the long sleeve ones. Please NO ginham! Reminds me of a picnic blanket or tablecloth…i dunno. You do have a lot of skinnies already. No need for spring colors since you can always add spring colored tops to the skinnies you already own. You’re supposed to be shopping your closet. Save your money on other items 🙂

    • mtsedwards says:

      Geez, lady! Where were you last night when I had to spend my $10 off or lose it? I decided against the silk tops as per your comment on their being too sheer, but I did pick up 3 pairs of the skinnies – green, yellow and pink. Will see if I end up keeping them. Also picked up the black floral short-sleeved cardi and the green lace top. I know I’m supposed to shop my closet but I did need green things and I can always return them, right? ;p

  3. jenortega says:

    By the way, as part of the official uncool group, my first job was at JC Penney’s, and I had no idea that it was uncool until now. I never did understand the Broadway thing. It just seemed like the same stuff for more money : p

  4. jenortega says:

    1. I like the short sleeves; you live in CA. I want the yellow one for my floral sweater. With the blue skinnies, I think. Not being as confident as you are with shopping online for clothes, I will see them in person!
    2. Gingham looks cute on you.
    3. I think Spring colors are nice in the skinnies. Not all, but a couple. I’m really in the mood for some Spring colors now. Any diff in quality or fit with the F21 jeans? Darn you for being able to wear light colors on the bottom. See what I mean? It kinda shuts me down to have to go dark.
    4. Meh. Of course, sometimes I think that and then I see it on you and like it.
    5. Green for the lace top.

  5. DeDivahDeals says:

    This is a great post, would you consider posting it to the FB Page – Bloggers4JCPenney – I really want them to succeed and think bloggers would be a big influence.

  6. Shane Suri says:

    How many pairs of skinny jeans do you own now? Will they work with a new top or two? Why spend money if you already have what you need?
    Me, personally, I’m not a big fan of gingham on adults. I think it looks adorable on little girls but loses something on bigger ones. Long sleeves tend to trump short, I don’t know why I lean that way but I’ve always thought long sleeves look better.
    Those last 5 shirts are pretty nice and the green makes me go *squee* inside.
    JCP never fell off my radar, too often I’ve found a great buy on a winter coat or pants for #1 son.

    • mtsedwards says:

      I own an embarrassing amount of skinnies, but few in spring colors. But you’re right – a better investment are tops because I can always recycle the same jeans over and over. ;p
      I actually picked up tow gingham shirts at ON and am waiting for them to come in.
      My sister ix-nayed the silk shirts in general, but I agree with you on long over short sleeves. More versatile, I think.
      Last five shirts…hrm, maybe I’ll order them, try them on and return what I don’t like. Or maybe hubby is busy building his motorcycle so I can escape for a few hours and see them in person. 😉

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