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What’s in my head :: possible Sunday posts?

Confession time: I have become a Site Stats stalker.

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It gives me a severe case of warm fuzzies when I see the number of views my blog has earned shoot to triple digits.  Oh, sure, it’s probably only a handful of my friends and family refreshing the pages or clicking on various links, but it still makes me proud that my Internet baby is garnering as much attention as it is.

So of course I feel a little stab of disappointment when Sundays come rolling around and my numbers drop significantly.

Not my site’s fault, though.  I don’t post on Sundays.


But now I’m addicted, you see.  And the most obvious way to maintain readership is  to write something new each day.  After all, that’s rule number one of successful blogs, right?

What to post, though?  Weekends are my do-nothing decompress days and needless to say, I’m usually sporting a ratty tee and whatever shorts/maxi skirt/pajama bottoms I manage to grab from the clean clothes pile.  There is no fashion to be found here.

I racked my brain for engaging and interesting ideas that would both appeal to the audience I’m courting and be a no-brainer for me to accomplish, my weekends being sacred sloth days and all.   I’ve already established my Saturday feature – What’s in my cart – so I wanted to mirror that in some way.  Here are my thoughts, then, in no particular order.

  1. What’s in my kitchen – a recipe I’d pinned that I’d attempted to make, complete with commentary of where I effed up – because I always do – and what the family verdict was
  2. What’s in my library – book reviews (which will force me to actually read during SSR instead of posting on my blog)
  3. What’s in my Google – a list of random things I searched for during the week
  4. What’s on my Pandora – soundtrack of the week
  5. What’s on my DVR – reviews of the shows I’ve recorded
  6. Holy Grail, Batman! – reviews of “holy grail”/can’t-live-without-’em items ranging from beauty products to snacky things
  7. What’s in my head – miscellaneous ramblings brought on by any or all of the above items

I’d like you to chime in, my friends, and let me know what would bring you back to peruse my annals on a lazy Sunday. (Wow, is it just me or did “peruse my annals” sound just slightly naughty?!)

While you help me wade through my indecision and in deference to Sunday, have a Dilbert comic.  Go on.  It’s on me.


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