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Week 5 :: of participation and floral pjs

So everything was set: the monthly visitor had bid me a much-anticipated adieu; my previously planned floral creations came out and hung in a row like stately soldiers, waiting their turn to shine; I had cheeky subject lines for every single day.  It was to be a grand Floral Week extravaganza.

But then, as is decreed by Murphy’s Law, a situation presented itself, threatening the very fabric of the space/time fashion continuum.

What is this ominous situation, you may ask?  What has caused my closet to cower in dread?  I have two words for you, my friends:

spirit week

Ah, Spirit Week!  I wouldn’t mind you so much if a) we had an actual sports program that required the requisite Spirit Week prepping before a big game or b) we actually came up with days that were fun or innovative or different.  But you fulfill neither requirement, Spirit Week, so I am at a loss whether or not to participate in you this time.  It doesn’t help that my current batch of juniors are not my favorite, making it challenging to fake spirit in the first place.

Today, though, is Pajama Day and I’d been hounding our ASB adviser for this day since the beginning of the school year. For today, then, I will deign to partake in the festivities.  But I will do so in keeping with my self-prescribed theme.

And so, my friends, I present to you…

Pajama Day (as brought to you by FLORAL WEEK)

I searched high and low for an inspiration pic but, predictably, I came up empty.  Just try to envision your fave pair of pjs and you in it in public and there you go.  I am including a fun pic of the cutest fuzzy slippers ever, though.  Gotta love that face on Animal.  Very Monday morning grind appropriate, don’t you think?

pj day

I actually cheated and used today’s Spirit Week theme as an excuse to buy a new pair of pjs.  Initially, I was going to get these, but realized that cotton pjs are designed for warmer weather days, so why buy long sleeves?  Plus, the set I got was less expensive, it being Target’s junior brand and all.  (By the way, would these count in my March clothing shopping budget?  Or can I chalk it up to work expense?  I do plan on using it when I go to Yale this summer…)


What else can you say about pajamas?  It’s not as if most people have PJ Day at work so accessorizing or shoes are a moot point.  I wore my Chucks to get to work then switched into my fuzzy slippers.  (Yes, I keep a pair of fuzzies in my classroom.  They come out during my prep period.)  Sometimes, I wish we could just adopt the Japanese way of outdoor/indoor shoes; makes for a cleaner environment, I think.

fuzzy slippers

::  Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Xhilaration at Target
Pants – Xhilaration at Target
Shoes – Converse Chuck Taylor All Star oxfords

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