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Week 5 :: of jazzing it up with TARDIS blue

I have worn this shirt before.

old navy floralThis was taken in early February of this year, back when I was blog-less but texting daily photos of my outfits to my sis who’d been pregnant and had asked me to shoot her a pic every day so she could live vicariously through me.  (Whew!  Run-on sentence much?)

Anyhow, I’d really debated whether or not to wear it again because I had  another outfit planned for today – a way cuter outfit with inspiration pic attached – but Spirit Week trumps me once again.  Today is St. Patrick’s Day and we’re supposed to wear green.

Two days too late but what can you do?  Teenagers.

And since we’ve already established the scarcity of green in my closet, I pretty much had no choice but to wear this top because it covers both the school’s and my themes in one shebang.

Green?  Check.  Floral?  Check.

But how to remix it without being phenomenally bored with myself?  And without the help of an inspiration photo?

Well, first thing’s first: changing the tone.  I’d worn the above outfit on a ditch day so I skewed super casual.  So how about upping the professional ante a bit by throwing on a sharp blazer?  Then, let’s switch up the cheery yellow skinnies with serious TARDIS blue ones.  (For the non-Whovians in the crowd, you really ought to do yourselves a favor and tune in to BBC America this April and watch an episode or twelve of Doctor Who.  Phenomenal!)


Instead of flats, how’s about some leg-lengthening high heels?  And finally, the pièce de resistance (for me, anyway, because I’m so new to accessorizing, especially belts) is the addition of that yellow snake print belt.  It picks up the yellow in the shirt and the shoes and gives the whole thing the polish that was missing from the initial outfit.


Et voilà!  C’est si bon, n’est-ce pas?  Even without an inspiration pic, I think I succeeded in totally remixing this top to create a whole new look.  Now here’s hoping I didn’t end up looking like I’d just won the Masters at Augusta.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Old Navy
Jeans – Almost Famous at Tilly’s
Blazer – Daily Look
Heels – Qupid
Belt – Kohl’s

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