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Week 5 :: of ensembles and outfits

So yesterday, one of my fave blog ladies discussed the difference between outfits and ensembles and it was like – POW!  Instant clarity.

ensemble vs. outfit

I love when someone else articulates my thoughts for a change.  (In my profession, I spend an inordinate amount of time in the pursuit of clarity – both for myself and for my students – and this can be extremely exhausting.  Glad that in this little niche of my universe, I can relinquish responsibility and be the Padawan, not the master.)

The outfit/ensemble discussion is particularly relevant  because my inspiration pic for today is the latter and I’m no longer pleased with this.  I think it was the power of suggestion, but when my BF said she preferred seeing people in the clothes (outfit) over just a Polyvore-esque collage of clothes (ensemble), it struck a chord in me and I’ve tried my darndest to accommodate that wish.

But sometimes, it’s just impossible to find an outfit clone to the one I’ve concocted.  I know this isn’t really in keeping with the spirit of this blog (read Inception) but as I morph and grow, I’m realizing that having themed weeks forces me to work backwards.  That is, I come up with my own creations but then I have to find an “inspiration” pic to match my outfit.

For today, then, I give you an ensemble that I unearthed after I decided it was high time I wore this skirt.


I purchased it from H&M two seasons ago and I’ve not worn it because the detailing at the waist begs for a tucked-in shirt and back then, I was still self-consciously pudgy and was not a tucked-in fan.  Now, I am still pudgy but less self-conscious, and it being Floral Week and all, I’d finally run out of excuses.

I’m digging how the entire look defies the whole “you-look-like-a-bumblebee-in-yellow-and-black” trap because of the floral pattern of the skirt.  (Any print, for that matter, would save you from that stigma.) Also, I don’t know if you can tell, but the skirt sports that current high-low trend, adding even more oomph to an already stunning piece.  Makes me want to kick myself that it took me this long to utilize it.


I’d originally planned on wearing my new Seychelles sandals but it proved too chilly so that’s another post for another day.  Instead, I’m wearing Seychelles boots which provide comfort, warmth and – may I say? – style.  Can’t beat that trifecta!  An afterthought necklace completes the outfit and I’m hoping it doesn’t compete too much with the subtle lace edging of the tank.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Tank – Old Navy
Cardi – F21
Skirt – H&M
Boots – Seychelles
Necklace – Target

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