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Week 5 :: of extreme pattern mixing and playing hooky part deux

Somebody up there must really hate flowers.

I swear, had I known that Floral Week would be so fraught with complications, I would have saved the whole shebang for some time less chaotic.  Because, as if Spirit Week wasn’t  disruption enough, I am once again using up one of my sick days so I can take Aly for a dentist follow-up/cavity filling.

(All the moms out there are nodding sympathetically, but the non-child bearers are probably looking on me with ill-concealed bafflement at best, censure at worst.  After all, couldn’t I have scheduled the appointment for after hours?)

Ah, if only it was that simple!

Unfortunately, our dentist is 40 miles away – close enough to my workplace but hella far from home.  So you do the math – if I’d made the appointment for after school, I would’ve have to break the sound barrier and risk a hefty speeding ticket trying to get from work to home and back to work to get Al to the dentist on time.

Nuh-uh.  Nothin’ doing.  Might as well take the whole day off.  The perks of being a teacher, eh?

So the good news is I get another sanctioned ditch day.  The bad news is that all my best-laid plans have gone awry because the outfit I’d planned today just wasn’t in keeping with errand-running and mommy-hood.

Or so I thought.

Late last night, I had a revelation: who says I need to differentiate between my work self and my mom self?  Aren’t I the same person?  Why shouldn’t I dress accordingly?

Hubris notwithstanding then, I present to you, my friends, today’s almost aborted floral look:


I think you can see why I was hesitant to wear this outfit while I went gallivanting around town.  It’s got a pencil skirt, which automatically elevates any outfit in my mind because the silhouette conjures up images of sleek office women in power suits.  It’s implementing the dreaded tuck in, which also brings to mind stuffed shirts or prim librarians.  It’s sporting an ostentatious statement necklace, which I suppose I could have left off but it does bring out the pink in the skirt rather nicely, don’t you think?


What saves it from making me feel overdressed is the cheeky pattern mixing.  I mean, come on – stripes, florals AND animal print?  I’m living on the edge here, right?  And yes, that is an animal print on my shoe – snake, in fact.  I had toyed with my zebra print flats but even I am not that bold; I needed at least one neutral element to balance the brashness of this outfit.  I am on trend, though, with these oxfords.  I hear they’re all the rage now.


What say you, my friends?  Does this work or is it too much?  Do you dress for the situation/occasion or do you not care one way or another?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – F21
Skirt – Express
Necklace – Francesca’s Collections
Oxfords – Naturalizer Lonnie from Shoes.com

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