Week 5 :: of Mother Nature and fish faces

Today, we hiked.  As a family.  Finally.


It only took five hikes on my part and three on Dylan’s and a whole lot of contrived “Oh, it was so fun!”s and “You should’ve been there!”s and “It was so easy!”s, but I’m not complaining.  We did it together and it was good.

photo(2)Aly was a trooper, Greg had his hands full with Jack, Dylan was the resident pro armed with his walking sticks and I was official photographer.  All was well – no complaining or whining – and we got to the falls in record time.

It would’ve been perfect except for the dog incident that just had to go down on the last quarter mile of our hike.  I kid you not – I could almost see the parking lot when it happened.  Curse you, Murphy’s Law!

I won’t go into too much detail here, but let’s just say that totally put a serious damper on the rest of the day.  (If anyone knows of a good dog aggression school in So. Cal., can you shoot me an email?)

Of course, all this family fun time prevented me from indulging in one last floral-themed outfit, only because I really didn’t want to be one of those girls.  You know those girls.  They’re the same girls who wear a full face of makeup while never breaking a sweat on the treadmill at the local gym.  They’re the same girls who think that beyond-revealing sweats with words across the bum and skin-tight cropped tops are perfectly acceptable hiking gear.  They also tote around their water in ridiculously inadequate, albeit cutesy, bottles and look down their smug noses at my perfectly acceptable CamelBak hydration system.

Yeah, I’m not bitter.

I’m also not twenty so maybe I just need to relax, not judge, and acknowledge that generation gaps are becoming more like chasms the older I get.

Anyhow, this is the outfit I would’ve worn had I not taken yet another day off to spend some needed quality Spring Break time with my kids since theirs and mine didn’t coincide.


I made Aly take these pics, proving once again that my daughter has a keen eye and a good sense of composition.  She also makes me look tall and thin.  Mwahahaha!  KS#2 had the choice of which face to use (smile, serious or fish).  Guess which won out?

picstitch(8)The tee was a score from the Prabal Gurung collection at Target.  I’d initially coveted this dress, waiting anxiously for the collection’s debut and making the pilgrimage to my local b&m to try it out.  Thankfully – because it really is a bit overpriced for a summer dress from Target – it just didn’t lay right on me; it was too stiff and short and made me look completely ridiculous.  I chose to pick up this shirt instead and I’m glad I did.  Still a bit pricey in my book for a tee, but it’s super soft and comfy and has just the right amount of drape so it skims without clinging.  And this is a good thing, because my skirt is of the $10 bodycon variety from F21 and leaves nothing to the imagination.  (At least mine is longer than the inspiration pic’s.)  I would’ve gotten rid of it a long time ago had I not been such a pack rat.  Good thing I kept it, eh?

photocollageThe vest was a fashion quest after seeing Putting Me Together’s Audrey styling hers (scroll down to “Vests”).  It was love at first sight, but of course it was no longer available .

I searched high and low and spent many a long night blearily searching eBay before Old Navy decided to release this season’s version of it and I had to snap it up.

Sadly, my friends, this one is now also out of stock. So if you, too, covet this vest, you may have to wait till next season.  I do wish it was an olive instead of a khaki, but at least it’s got copious pockets.  Have I ever told you, my friends, how much j’adore pockets?!

A pair of MIA wedge sandals completes the outfit.  It really is a shame that this outfit didn’t get its day in the sun.  Perhaps I’ll reconstruct it some time this summer.  You will remind me to do that, won’t you?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Prabal Gurung for Target
Skirt – F21
Vest – Old Navy
Wedges – MIA
Sunglasses – Marc Jacobs c/o KS#2

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10 thoughts on “Week 5 :: of Mother Nature and fish faces

  1. Rachelle says:

    Your version of Keiko’s outfit is excellent, love it.


  2. Del says:

    i had a feeling you would bust out the fishy face! at least it wasn’t as bad as the others i’ve seen online. ya, that’s sooo greg’s face! haha. glad u got the whole family out! love the outfit and happy to see you’re making use of all the floral prints you bought!

  3. debbussewitz says:

    Thanks for the blog. Both outdoors and fashion sense. I enjoyed the dichotomy.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Dichotomy might as well be my middle name since I am a very stereotypical Gemini. Glad you enjoyed today’s entry. Hope you come back soon. 🙂

  4. Shane Suri says:

    First, I love how you were able to get the whole family out for a hike and it doesn’t even look as if it took you most of the day to get them out the door. I have to say that Greg does not look at all impressed in the first photo and would totally deserve a kick in the knee for funking up the family photo! lol I’m sorry to hear your problems with Jack. We’ve got the opposite problem, a dog that is overly friendly and will mob another dog in enthusastic, “OMG you’re a dog! Wanna play? Do ya? Do ya? Do ya?!!” It makes me want to strangle mine Dummkopft.

    I like the outfit and Aly did a great job making you look all model-y. That vest is pretty nice and I can see how it would fit into a wide variety of outfits. (Which is always good!) Reminds me that I need to just suck up and finish the one crochet vest I have sitting in mothballs. I ran out of patience last year on it and just parked it but I’ve found it would be nice to have a light layer when going out. As I’m a jeans and tee shirt kind of gal a vest would be perfect.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, that’s just Greg’s face. 😀 Really. And I don’t pose photos so they didn’t even know when I was shooting until I said “Ok, done!” and they all looked a bit flabbergasted. I’m photo ninja like that.

      Cursed dog. -_- Wish I had your problem; it’s less terrifying.

      Vests are wonderful. Hurry up and crochet yours so I can take a gander at it. Would knit me a vest but it wouldn’t have the same lacy feel of crochet. Someday, I shall learn…

  5. jenortega says:

    So glad you were able to go on a family hike. And I loved that you photographed what you would have worn. I did the same on Wednesday…got all dressed in something I thought looked nice, and my husband laughed and said, “You can’t bike in that.” Darn!

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