What’s in my cart :: eBay

So I decided to quit whingeing about my lack of green and do something about it.

Unfortunately, no one seems to feel the same way I do. No one in the fashion retail industry anyway. They’re all too enamored of mint to pay any attention to kelly green and it’s definitely off season for emerald. What’s a girl to do?

eBay to the rescue!

Unless you’ve been residing beneath a boulder for the last 15-odd years or so, you know of the behemoth that is eBay. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve never bid, bought or sold – eBay has become a part of our collective consciousness, synonymous with online auctions the way Xerox has become synonymous with photocopying.

This isn’t going to be an eBay tutorial, but I do have to wax enthusiastic over the site’s supermegafoxyawesomehot search engine. Once you’ve experienced eBay searching, you can never go back. Even Google pales in comparison. Because, my friends, I started with the words “green top” and from there, I was given the option of Category (women’s clothing), Format (Buy It Now), Size Type (regular/juniors), Size (M,L,8,10), Brand, Style, Occasion, Color, Sleeve Style, Condition, Price, and Item Location. Is that cray cray or what?!

So here’s the list, culled and pared down by KS#2, but you can certainly chime in with your two cents’ worth. And I promise this time I won’t buy anything until the day’s end. ;p

  1. Long-sleeved military – the most expensive of the bunch.  Do we like those pockets and mandarin collar or is it a pass?
  2. Chiffon two-tone – the black trim may be au courant now but will it date me a few months down the road?
  3. Ruffles and pearls – too twee?  Can’t decide if I love or hate the sleeves.
  4. Scala – never heard of this brand but I guess it’s really popular in Brazil.  The seller is in the U.S. which is always a plus coz shipping will be quickest.
  5. Batwing – I’ve actually bought this top in cream before then gave it away because I was too big.  Have lost weight since then.  Do I risk it?
  6. Tank top – it’s a tank top.  How versatile will it be?
  7. Batwing stripe – okay, so it’s not green.  And okay, KS#2 says it’s too big and shapeless.  But something about it still appeals to me and I want more people to ring in with opinions on this one.  If it’s a yes, do I get the red stripe or the teal?
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12 thoughts on “What’s in my cart :: eBay

  1. jenortega says:

    I also like #3 : ) Are these new tops? If not, I am going to have to give you a thrift store tutorial. We can definitely find you some kelly green there.

  2. I love Ebay, it is my total go-to for pieces that I’ve missed from previous seasons. And I am big fan of kelly green myself!

    • mtsedwards says:

      LISA! (insert fangirl squeal here)

      Thanks for visiting my blog. You are one of my fashionista heroes! I know we’re not shaped the same but if you were me, which top would you purchase?

  3. Del says:

    #1 military all the way. Classic fit and style…you can’t go wrong! It’s slimming too. The ruffles may add more bulk 🙂

  4. Anna P says:

    I like #3 the best because of the details, especially the ruffles. It you like it, there are always other colors. #5 isn’t bad except the batwings. I liked all the pics until I saw the one when she lifts her arm and she looks like she could fly. Just my two cents. Enjoy shopping

    • mtsedwards says:

      LOL! Now if I do end up buying that top, I’ll be singing “I believe I can fly!” all day in my head. 🙂

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