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HGB :: the cascade clip


Hello and greetings!

‘Tis Sunday and today marks the premiere of my newest feature, as voted on by three of my most loyal followers.  Tee hee.

And so, I present to you, my friends, Holy Grail, Batman! (or HGB for short).

For those of you who frequent beauty product blogs or YouTube makeup tutorials, this term makes sense.  For the rest of you, a qualifier:  “holy grail” in this instance means the apex, the pinnacle, the zenith.  The absolute best, most supermegafoxyawesomehot version of the thing in question.  It’s used as an adjective, so you can pronounce that you’ve found your HG mascara or your HG acne remover or your HG salad dressing.

Okay, maybe not salad dressing but here, in My Closet Catalogue-land, anything goes.  I am co-opting this term to suit my purposes and when this feature comes around on any given Sunday, you never really know what I’m going to be waxing rhapsodic about.

Like today.  Today I need to share with you my HG of hair accessories:

the France Luxe Large Teeth Cascade clip*.


I do not do hair.  At all.  I grew up sporting the typical Asian “rice bowl haircut”.  You know, the straight across bob and bangs look?  My mother told all four of her girls that she refused to fix our hair for us and until we learned to do for ourselves, rice bowl haircuts for everybody!

Of course, this proved to be a vicious circle that I could never escape, because how was I supposed to learn how to fix and style my hair if it was perpetually short?


Needless to say, I spent a good number of my formative years with updated versions of the rice bowl.  I even convinced myself that it was my signature look and that my face shape was designed for asymmetrical bobs.

Then I met my husband.

Typical male: me want long-haired woman.

We’ve now been married for fifteen years and – barring those years when I got a bug up my butt and just chopped the sucker off – I’ve had long hair ever since.  Thing is, what with a full-time job and kids, I just never really got around to learning how to do hair.  My saving grace was the Scunci.  Then, when that was passé, the good ol’ Goody elastics.

I would probably have been fine with the ponytail forever and ever, amen had it not been for this blog and my very hair-conscious sister, KS#1.  When I posted my first entry here, her first comment was that I needed to do something with my hair.  But KS#1 lives in Boston and I don’t care how many Skype tutes she gave me, I still couldn’t get the hang of curling wands, French braids, sock buns or sideswept bangs.

I bought all kinds of hair stuffs like combs and nets and sticks and jeweled bobby pins and claws.  I sucked with all of them.  And I really missed the ease and functionality of a pony.


Enter the cascade.

Now here’s a hair product that I couldn’t eff up.  Oh, sure, I had to read their tutorial over and over again.  And when I did get my first cascade, I wore it backwards for the longest time (claw side against my scalp instead of the other way around; no wonder I was getting headaches with the clip working against the curvature of my skull.  Duh.)  And yeah, they don’t really offer coupons or codes and some of you may think $24 is pricey for a clip.

But my hair is long (read: down to my waist now) and thick (an ex once used one strand to floss his teeth.  I know.  That’s why he’s an ex.) and this amazeballs product manages to hold ALL OF IT and won’t let go.  I’ve run on the treadmill with this sucker on and IT DOES NOT BUDGE.

Also, because of its design, it lets my hair fall gracefully and elegantly down my back and holds it efficiently away from my face without the severity or sporty casualness of a hair elastic.  See it in action here and here.

The cascade is made in France, is super sturdy and very well-crafted.  My hair does not catch or snag on the metal clasps and the clips come in a variety of fun and luxe colors.  I currently own three and plan on eventually buying all the colors.  If your hair is thin, this may not be an HG for you, but if you’ve got a ton of hair like I do, you may want to check it out.

*Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review.  I don’t even think anyone besides the nineteen of you loyal followers actually even know I exist.  I purchased the three cascades I own with my own money and of my own volition and my views are not necessarily the views of France Luxe or any of their affiliates. 

(There.  Whew!  That sounded all legal and professional, didn’t it?)

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