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Week 6 :: of turquoise, vermilion, and first ladies

Welcome, my friends, to a brand new week and a brand new theme!

You know, I’ve actually built up a modest library of theme ideas that should last me through the school year, and my biggest decision now is choosing which to showcase.

This one is nearest and dearest to my heart because it totally appeals to the yerd (read: yearbook nerd) in me.  This week, it’s all about color wheels and composition, design and daring combos.

This week, I present to you:

Complementary Color Week

ColorWheel1First off, let’s define complementary.  No, that is not a misspelling.  I did mean the “e” instead of the “i” in the spelling of that word.  We’re not talking about colors saying nice things to us, folks.

Complementary colors are those that are opposite each other on the color wheel.

So, if you take a look at the figure to the left, examples of complementary color pairings are yellow and violet or orange and blue or green and red.

The best explanation of this from a fashion perspective is from ACADEMIchic, who say: Because they are complete opposites, complementary colors make each other seem more intense. To be frank, it can be difficult to wear complimentary colors together and simultaneously avoid looking like a page out of a coloring book.

Initially, I was going to do Monochromatic Week since that’s easier to craft and perhaps more pleasing to the eye.  But I’m not in the mood for easy, and I figure the week before my Spring Break deserves something bold and fun.

Today, then, we begin with the gorgeous pairing of blue-green and red-orange, but because I’m an English major and natural wordsmither, I’m choosing to call this my Turquoise and Vermilion day.


I have owned these two pieces for ever and I was even thinking of getting rid of the top because, frankly, although it is a jewel tone and therefore in my palette (I’m a cool winter), I’m just not a blue person.  I like looking at the color and I like seeing it on others, but I have a difficult time styling it for some reason.  Pairing it with this vivid vermilion, however, makes me rethink my ambivalence.

turquoise & vermilion

I am also pleased that I’m getting over my tucking in phobia.  It helps that the blouse’s material is silky and is cut in such a way that it blousons nicely and that the skirt’s material is stiff and structured, masking a multitude of mommy flaws.  (Oh, and it’s one size too big which also helps.  Eheh.)


Because the colors are so strong, I am choosing to keep my accessories pared down.  That may not seem the case with today’s choice, but think about it: leopard print is considered a neutral and the silver necklace, although chunky and multi-stranded, is less obtrusive than a matchy-matchy colored piece.  I’m sporting those Marc Jacobs shades again because these outdoor photos are murder on my eyes.  Thanks, sis!

I think I’m off to a good start for Complementary Colors Week.  If turquoise and vermilion together are not your cup of tea, then hopefully the following days will bring other pairings that are more to your liking.  But hey, if Michelle Obama is rocking this combo, I think you can too!

cc week turquoise and orange

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Marshalls
Skirt – F21
Necklace – Target
Shoes – ShoeDazzle
Sunglasses – Marc Jacobs

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