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Week 6 :: of chartreuse, magenta and a guilty conscience

Today I present the colors yellow-green and red-violet, aka chartreuse and magenta.


I love this complementary color combo because it reminds me the most of spring.  It’s mimics nature the closest and looking at it just puts me in a cheerful mood.

But before you think this post is gonna be all fun and flowers, I have a confession to make.

I bought this dress.

I couldn’t help it – the minute I saw it, I was mesmerized.  I was even more over the moon when I realized it was not only available in my size, but definitely within my budget.  So I bought it.

But why is that a confession, you ask?  Well, my friends, I did a bad BF thing.  I was actually introduced to this dress by my BF who’d asked me if she should purchase it herself.  I’d brainwashed convinced her that she needed more color in her wardrobe and I was super proud of her for even considering this piece.

But at the time, she was on a stricter budget than mine and I’d suggested she wait because, frankly, this type of jersey dress is pretty much Target fodder, n’est-ce pas?  I knew if she waited out the winter season, she’d find a similar dress at a more reasonable price.

Having talked her out of the dress, however, didn’t make it go away in my mind.  In fact, it continued to haunt me.  I stumbled upon it again on Pinterest, styled differently, and I obsessed over it even more.  Finally, Sally featured it again here, and so late one night, when I am at my most vulnerable, I went to the website and made it mine.

I felt guilty, of course.  After all, even though it was entirely unintentional, for all intents and purposes, it seems as if I shanghaied this dress out from under my BF.  I don’t think she’s even aware that I own it – although now that she’s read this, she’ll be very much aware – and I will definitely share if she wants to borrow it, but the guilt remains nonetheless.

I think subconsciously, this is why I didn’t choose the dress to highlight Chartreuse and Magenta day, even though it was the perfect opportunity to do so, what with my inspiration pic and all.

Instead, I’m wearing an outfit that consists of three closet orphan pieces.


The top is last season old, still with its tags on when I pulled it out of the depths of my closet.  The blazer was a last-minute purchase to take advantage of free ship during Forever 21’s 50% off Clearance Sale last year.  The skirt is so old, I don’t even remember purchasing it, but it conveniently called to me from the bottom of my skirt pile when I was looking for a fuschia/magenta item.


I’m super excited about the shoes I opted for this outfit.  It was the clear choice because a) it’s a less harsh neutral than, say, black or white, b) it’s Seychelles, which is my numero uno fave brand for both style and comfort and c) it’s a new purchase and I needed an excuse to wear it, lack of pedicure be damned.


I decided that a strand of pearls would tame the possible garishness of the admittedly neon-esque quality of chartreuse.  Wearing my hair down helps soften the look too, I think.

Too, at the risk of sounding naughty, I must point out a fourth closet orphan in the form of that lace peekaboo bra.  Who knew when I bought it over ten years ago and never wore it ever but kept it because it was so pretty and didn’t really take up a lot of closet real estate that it would end up being this outfit’s saving grace?  It helps keep me modest while still maintaining the monochromatic chartreuse-ness of the top.


I had Aly and two neighborhood girls play photo shoot with me and this is what we came up with.  I had loads of fun.  Can you tell?

Watch out, world.  I think I’m starting to enjoy this picture taking business.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Tobi
Blazer – F21
Skirt – Marshalls
Sandals – Seychelles via eBay
Necklace – gift
Bra – Newport News

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