Week 6 :: of navy, tangerine and reinventing nautical

Why is it that when I think of midnight blue, I conjure up visions of able-bodied seamen and shiny, brass buttons and anchors away?  Is it because of its alternate name?  I mean, you can’t get any more obvious than “navy”, right?

Anyhow, we cap off Complementary Color Week with an unorthodox nod to the nautical.  (How’s that for back-to-back alliteration?)

cc week navy and tangerine

I’m usually leery of wearing navy because one of two things can potentially happen: you can either look really stuffy and dated and old-fashioned (think Mr. and Mrs. Howell from Gilligan’s Island) or, conversely, you can come off as a J.Crew catalog wannabe.

Since I’m neither, I think it’s totally brilliant that navy’s complementary color is tangerine.


It’s brilliant because the cheekiness of tangerine is a perfect counterpoint to the severity of navy.  Another way to skew tradition is the fact that the top – a cardi/dickie combo I’ve owned forever – feels more varsity prep than Captain Ahab.  Sure, its got shiny, gold buttons, but check out that sleeve stripe and Harry Potter-esque crest.

Also, the stripe of the false-shirt front is vertical as opposed to horizontal, which also minimizes the nod to the nautical.  Throw on a pair of tasseled oxfords, and you’ve got a juxtaposition of fashion niches that is fresh and recognizable at the same time.

Think Ralph Lauren meets Napoleon Bonaparte.


I really had fun with the theme this week.  Not only did I receive the most recognition for my sartorial efforts to date, I also made some valuable discoveries:

  • I don’t do pastel.
  • I like writing copy unhurriedly and thoughtfully the day before.
  • I feel a lot more comfortable in front of the camera when I’m not actively posing.
  • Neighborhood kids make surprisingly adept photographers in a pinch when your daughter is too busy playing teacher with other neighborhood kids.


Have a fabulous weekend, my friends!  I know I will – it’s the start of my spring break.  Finally!  Three huzzahs and a pint of Guinness for all!

:: Just the facts, ma,am ::
Top – F21
Jeans – Rewind at Kohl’s
Oxfords – Kohl’s

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8 thoughts on “Week 6 :: of navy, tangerine and reinventing nautical

  1. […] and hightailed it back home for not one, but multiple photo shoots wearing my new precious, as seen here and here and here and […]

  2. Elba Ortega says:

    Great color combo!

  3. Shane Suri says:

    That sweater left me scratching my head until I realized it was the same sweater taken from different angles! (Yes, I looked at the pictures THEN read what you wrote.) I like brighter colors on you. The pastels of the other day just seemed like something was lacking. Pastels are weird like that.

    I’m digging those pants, even if I know I could never get away with something like that! lol

    Your words were bringing images of stodgy old sailors with beards and it wasn’t at all unpleasant. The handsome ghost from “The Ghost and Ms. Muir” came flitting through my mind followed closely by Cpt. Ahab. I do so love a rough looking man in a peacoat.

    Looking forward to seeing what you’re going to be about next week.

  4. Ah…over so soon? Does this mean I will have to imagine more fabulous Complementary Color combos on my own? Well, I guess that is the goal of every teacher to enable their students to carry on independently!
    Today’s compliment has to do with your great word choices. My ears delighted in so many like,
    “… cap off Complementary Color week with an unorthodox nod to the nautical.”, “It’s brillant because the cheekiness of tangerine is a perfect counterpoint to the severity of navy.” and ” Think Ralph Lauren meets Napoleon Bonaparte.” to name a few. Your photographs were paired with fun word picture explanations.
    Then to end with a reflection was perfect. Since I am a teacher, too I love a summary of what was learned.
    Enjoy your Spring break. Mine is ending today but I will return to the fabulous First graders whose hugs and smiles make it easier.

    • mtsedwards says:

      I’m over the moon that you recognize the craft in the writing. After all, this blog is fallout from my abortive attempts to write the Great American Novel.

      I think it kinda sucks that you go back right after Easter but I think hugs and smiles make it worthwhile, eh?

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