Week 7 :: of stripes and squinjas

Can I just say how super excited I am about this week’s theme?

You see, it’s finally – FINALLY! – my spring break.

Initially, I’d intended to do a lot of sleeping.  Then I realized that there was no way anyone would stand for five days of pajamas, even if I did try to spin it as Hugh Hefner Week.  But I also did want to dial down the wardrobe choices since, well – SPRING BREAK.

So, my friends, I very happily present to you…

Graphic Tees Week

I had been anticipating this week ever since I read this post from Ruffles & Sequins.  I knew I wanted to do some sort of casual theme during my time off, and the article provided just the spark I needed.

I do have one standing rule regarding graphic tees that I refuse to break, though, even during my off hours: absolutely, positively NO WORDS ALLOWED.

I don’t think I’m being unreasonable here, am I?  I mean, what self-respecting gal willingly invites such close scrutiny on her chest?  I even told my daughter that the day she hits double digits or requires a bra – whichever comes first – is the day she stops wearing shirts with words.

At one point, I held fast to this rule so religiously to the exclusion of anything printed on my tees, words or otherwise.  I have since relaxed my expectations, primarily due to my discovery of threadless.com.  I know there may be more fangirl things at ThinkGeek and there may be a wider selection at Shirt.Woot but threadless has won me over because of their stellar customer service.

That, however, is a topic for a future Saturday edition of What’s in my cart.  Today, let’s deconstruct the outfit shall we?


I’d originally thought to dupe the inspiration look exactly because I owned all the elements.  Graphic tee?  Striped cardi?  Belt?  Dark rinse flares?  Yes to the 4th power.

Then I put on my version and hated it.

I thought the shoes were the problem at first.  I tried cowboy boots then bejeweled flip flops then moto boots, all epic fails.  Finally, after almost deciding to scrap this look and try something else from my Pinterest board, I figured it out.

The jeans.  It was the jeans.  Right now, my aesthetic is craving oversized.  There’s just something so effortlessly cool about a good pair of boyfriend jeans and trust me, I had to look long and hard for these.  Jennifer Lopez at Kohl’s.  Awesomeness.


The tee is called Squinjas.  It says so on the tagless label.  (Another reason I heart threadless so much.)  I bought it even before Aly decided to be a Girl Scout this year and before I sold 600 boxes of Girl Scout cookies out of my classroom.  The mom in me appreciates the jauntiness of the visual while the English geek in me loves the juxtaposition of words.  Squinjas, indeed!

My cardi is actually one of those sharkbite hemline numbers that looks perfectly acceptable left alone.  But the bagginess of the boyfriend jeans demanded a bit more streamlining up top, so knotted it gets.  KS#2 says I look skinny in these pics, and not that it’s a personal goal or anything, but the fact that horizontal stripes didn’t make me look wide must be a testament to the awesomeness of this outfit.


The sandals are a total score from my first thrifting expedition with BF.

Old Navy.  $7.99. I know, right?!

Ah, thrift stores – where have you been all my life?!

I also finally got a pedi and chose a fiery orange-red: Essie’s Jag-U-Ar, for those of you who’re into that.


Today’s photo shoot is brought to you in part by Aly and in part by my full-length mirror.  I have a feeling I’m going to be developing a rather personal relationship with my mirror the longer I do this blog; the novelty is wearing off for my daughter.  [insert sad face here]

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Tee – Squinjas @ threadless
Cardi – F21
Jeans – Jennifer Lopez @ Kohl’s
Sandals – Old Navy @ Goodwill

And because the weather turned this morning and I wanted warmth but not at the expense of scrapping today’s outfit, a little improvisation was in order.  A scarf, a long-sleeved thermal and some Chucks did the trick.  Thank goodness Aly was home today because she still can’t shake her slight fever and yes, I made my sick kid take photos for me.  I’m shameless, I know.


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9 thoughts on “Week 7 :: of stripes and squinjas

  1. Del says:

    I like the second outfit! Maybe it’s becoz it’s still 30-50 degrees here in Boston. hehe

  2. Shane Suri says:

    Have to agree with Sarah….Thank you for whipping out the jeans and tee shirt look for all of us who feel weird in anything else. Woot! Love this look, the pants look comfy cool and I’m not off to start surfing threadless. 🙂

  3. jenortega says:

    You know I have to respectfully disagree with the wordy tee argument. I can give a tee a quick read and then look away whereas squinjas make me want to stare for a prolonged period of time at the wearer’s chest! Perhaps the issue is where you carry your shelf. I would NEVER wear words across my butt…the chest is fine ; )

    You look very cute, and I am so proud of you on the thrift find. I was thinking you’d bought them at Target. I was trying some like that on the other day, and didn’t even realize they were so similar to your thrifted pair.

    • mtsedwards says:

      *chortle* “respectfully disagree”!

      I suppose in the case of the squinjas, closer perusal is a must. But I stand by my tenet of “no words”. Perhaps because pictures, no matter how detailed, can masquerade as a print – like argyle or houndstooth – while words just beg to be read. Or perhaps it’s just me. ;p

  4. Elba says:

    Fun theme!!!

  5. SarahTaylor says:

    Graphic tee week? Yes. Finally, something I can kinda sorta relate to! A little bit.
    And tell Aly she has to keep helping you with the pictures, she has a fantastic eye.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Thank you and I did. I actually made her take alternate pics of me this morning because the weather turned unexpectedly and I didn’t want to have frozen toes while I ran errands.

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