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Week 7 :: of house brawls and movies gratis

Today is movie day, courtesy of RH.

I consider RH to be my O.G. teacher’s assistant.  He is the mold by which I hold all other TAs up against, and quite frankly, no one since has been able to surpass him.

It’s been years since he’s graduated, not only high school but also that weird limbo period where a kid is no longer a student but still feels weird calling me “friend”.  RH and I have been friends for nearly a decade now.  We used to communicate frequently about our common loves – anime, Doctor Who, David Eddings – but since he’s deleted his FB account and moved up the company ladder, it’s gotten more challenging.

We still keep in contact, though, and one of the ways we stay in touch is via our semi-regular film fests.  You see, RH is a manager at a local theatre and whenever I’m on break, or on days when I’m “sick”, we try to make it a point to meet and do marathon movie watching.  After all, he gets all these free passes and we can’t very well let them go to waste, can we?

So today, we screen The Croods and Jack the Giant Slayer.  (I may be able to convince him to see G.I. Joe, but that chance is slim to none.) For all day lounging, then, I needed an outfit that allowed me to contort my body into pretzel-like positions;  I’m a restless moviegoer like that.


And nothing says comfort like a good pair of leggings.  I lived in the de rigeur 90s uniform of leggings and oversized shirts in college, but ‘d given up the look in favor of more “age appropriate” attire.  Now that I’m of that age where I care not about age appropriateness, however, I’ve resurrected my signature look and have a plethora of leggings at my disposal.  Duping this look was a no-brainer.

My only decision was which graphic tee to wear.  In honor of RH – a besotted Potterhead if there ever was one – I opted for my House Brawl shirt.  Wearing words across my chest only barely beats out my other tee taboo: branding.  I like to be obscure and unique; wearing sports/band/tv show/clothing store logos just screams “Captain Obvious” to me.  I do make an exception to three fandoms, though.  And Harry Potter is one of them.


I was torn between heavier cardi with pockets or lighter cardi with no pockets.  Because the weatherperson says it’ll be warm today, you can see which choice won out.  Yes, yes, I know I’ll be in a climate-controlled movie theatre for the entire day, but I do so like to dress for the day’s temperature.

I’ve worn these tassled oxfords before but I foresee them getting a lot more use in the near future.  They’re perfectly broken in now and they’ve got some sort of magical moisture-wicking ability that allows me to go sockless and not worry about sweaty, smelly feet.  They’re probably not the most exciting of footwear, but they serve their purpose, and quite well at that.


As you can see, this is another one of those photo shoots I did in advance.  Aly is quite creative with her staging and props when she’s in the mood.

No, I do not play guitar – I had to ask my son how to hold it, in fact – but that is indeed a Epiphone Les Paul in Heritage Cherry Sunburst.  (Thank Buddha my husband was in the garage when we were goofing around and therefore not a witness to our desecrating his baby.)

Now I understand why other fashion bloggers pose with props – it feels a lot more natural and I find myself more at ease in front of the camera with a prop or a dog or even a surprisingly willing son.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Tee – House Brawl
Cardi – New York and Co.
Leggings – F21
Oxfords – Kohl’s

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