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Week 7 :: of foxy cleverness and minor anxieties

Today I get a mammogram.

It’s my first one ever.

Normally, when faced with an unknown situation, I’d be all over Google, researching it to make it a little less unknown and therefore a little less scary.

Not so much this time.

I dunno why.  Perhaps it’s because there is no history of cancer or complications in my family.  Perhaps it’s because I know there are no needles involved and so, like an optometrist appointment, I’m actually not afraid of it.  Whatever the case may be, I saw no need to read about it beforehand and am walking into this appointment blind.

I must profess to a little bit of anxiety, though, over not knowing how to navigate the vast catacombs of my medical group’s Covina branch.  And I hate asking for directions. Silly, huh?

To combat this minor apprehension, then, I chose to dupe this outfit:


There’s just something about a black blazer that makes me feel powerful and confident and in control.  Have felt this way since high school, in fact.  If I had to pick only one piece of clothing to take with me on a trip around the world, a black blazer would be my number one choice.  Maybe this is why I have at least half a dozen of them in various cuts, stances and fabric content in my closet right now.

The olive chinos are a recent purchase, and I’m glad it got an opportunity to shine so early on.  Usually, a lot of my purchases are “saved” for that perfect occasion, not because they’re anything special, but simply because I want to preserve their newness for as long as I can.  Do you ever feel that way or is this just a product of my growing up with three sisters who all shared clothes?


The shirt was my very first threadless buy and I got it simply because of the name: Larry the Fox Doesn’t Feel So Clever Anymore.  (Yeah, imagine fitting that on the inside of the shirt!)  See how many other animals you can spy; the panda is my favorite.

And yes, BF.  I see what you mean about my obscure tees requiring more scrutiny than words.  I guess this shirt blatantly invites a second glance, but only if you knew the name of it, right?

By the way, I did not plan for the shoe pictorial to match the trees in the shirt so uncannily, but there you go.  Serendipity or subconscious?


Speaking of shoes and recent purchases, did you know that the brand Call It Spring is affiliated with the ALDO group?  Yeah, neither did I.  I just thought they were a jcp brand.  I saw these pumps in an ad and, on a whim during a returns trip to the b&m, I tried them out in person.

And my feet fell in love.

I had to buy them in all the colors but they only had the yellow in my size.  This peachy pink (trust me, it is peachy pink; I just suck at taking pictures) and the mint ones were both out of stock at jcp.  I despaired of ever owning them but thought to Google them et voilá!  Call It Spring has their own online store, independent of jcp, and they had both colors in my size in stock.  Hallelujahs abounded.


Here’s hoping that my mammogram appointment goes well.

On all fronts.

Then again, in this black blazer, I am invincible.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Tee – Larry the Fox Doesn’t Feel So Clever Anymore
Blazer – ideeli.com
Pants – Old Navy
Shoes – Roessing @ Call It Spring

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