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Week 7 :: of sock buns and visual puns

I was really apprehensive about this look.

Firstly, I think the model in the inspiration pic is all of twelve.  And on her, the outfit is sassy and flirty and appropriate.  Plus, she’s got those super slender arms.  And you know how women aren’t supposed to be hung up on body parts and such?  Well, much as I have embraced my forty-year-old-ness practically whole-heartedly, I still do feel rather self-conscious about the right to bare my arms.


My wedding photographer gave me a tip fifteen years ago: always take pictures with your arms slightly akimbo to minimize their maximization on camera.  This pose works when you’ve got pockets or a prop, but when you’ve got neither, it just looks like someone caught you pulling out a wedgie or something, so forgive the awkwardness above.

Let’s focus instead on the ensemble.  There were several choices that had to be made: color palette, length of skirt, and hair for starters.

I almost used my color-changing scarf from this post, but decided to showcase its cream-colored twin instead.  I really like the neutral palette present here.

I could’ve hiked up my skirt because it’s one of those stretchy Lycra-blend numbers, but the bodycon-ness of this outfit is already testing my boundaries, so I kept it way below the two-inches-past-my-fingertips rule.

I love, love, LOVE that high bun the model is wearing and now that I think I’ve got the hang of my sock bun (yes, I’ve been practicing), I thought to give it a go.  The good news is that the whole shebang does stay on my head without the aid of any bobby pins.  The bad news – at least for this shoot – is that its position on my head is just not high enough.  But, baby steps, right?


Today’s shirt is called Home is Where the Heart Is.  I don’t think I need to spell it out for you because a picture is worth a thousand words.  I must admit, though, that Aly had to point out the human heart shape to me; when I bought it, I thought the title was more figurative.  To realize that it’s both figurative and literal?  Bliss!


I have these boots in three different colors.  KS#1 wanted me to return the black ones when I first got them but KS#2 said they were cool.  Two years and two other colors later, I still get complimented every time I wear them.

(Well, first I get incredulous stares because they do look uber high and yet I manage to stride with purpose in them all the same.)

They truly are one of the most comfy pair of boots I own.  It must be the combo of wedge and platform.  The top and left pics reflect the boots’ true color best – they’re a soft grey, almost taupe in real life.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Tee – Home is Where the Heart Is
Skirt – so old that I honestly don’t remember; Marshall’s maybe?
Booties – Michael Antonio’s Cane
Eternity scarf – eBay

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