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What I bought :: March 2013

  1. Old Navy cardi – Because one can’t have too many cardis.  And I actually didn’t own one in this color.
  2. Old Navy surplus blouse – Also a staple and my black shirts were in sad need of replenishing after my last purge.
  3. Old Navy chambray shirt – Does this even need a justification?  It’s chambray.
  4. Merona sweater @ Target – Curse you, KS#2!  I did not need another polka dot item, but this was too cute to pass up.
  5. F21 floral tee – Been eyeing this for two months and needed to snap it up before it went out of stock.
  6. F21 lace collar blouse – A spontaneous purchase to get free ship and to fill the pink void in my closet.  Ended up being more peach than pink and a bit to twee but decided to keep it for future “dress up” days.
  7. Old Navy chinos – Have worn these several times already and am in love.  Super comfy.
  8. Seychelles via eBay  – Very vintage.  Too bad they dig into the tops of my feet.  Hopefully, they’ll stretch as I wear them more.
  9. Seychelles via eBay – Haven’t worn these yet but KS#1 swears they’re comfy. And they’re as close to gladiator as I’m comfortable getting.
  10. Seychelles via eBay – Sad about these.  Not as navy as I thought.  May have to resell but we’ll see…
  11. Madden Girl via eBay – anyone a size 7.5 shoe and in the mood for floral?  Am reselling these on eBay for what I paid because THEY DIDN’T FIT!  Argh!  Same size and maker as the above two but no fitty on my feety.  GO HERE if interested.
  12. Anne Klein Christa via eBay – Obsessed over these.  Lost the first auction. Found a second.  Love!!!
  13. Call It Spring Roessing @ jcp and callitspring.com – Most comfy pair of heels and even if they’re mid, they still feel sexy.  Bought in three colors.  Ehehe.
  14. Naturalizer Lonnie @ Shoes.com – Wanted oxfords ever since my gal over at you look fab did a post on them.  These were the least expensive and the most luxurious looking pair I could find.  Bonus that they’re comfy.
  15. Macha flats @ Target – Thanks to Audrey over on Putting Me Together for introducing me to these.  Super comfy.  Bought in two colors.

Did I go overboard on shoes?  Yes, I did.

Did I go over my monthly budget?  Yes, I did.

Am I going to tell you by how much?  You don’t want to know.

(And let’s not even discuss what I bought at the thrift stores this week; that’s a post for another day.)

Suffice to say, I’m putting my credit cards on moratorium through April and maybe even through May as penance.  And I need people to do an intervention on me.


I am so in danger of violating my own rules regarding the purpose of this blog.  The only loophole I can find is that I did say I would try not to purchase clothes.  I never said anything about shoes…

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