What I bought :: March 2013

  1. Old Navy cardi – Because one can’t have too many cardis.  And I actually didn’t own one in this color.
  2. Old Navy surplus blouse – Also a staple and my black shirts were in sad need of replenishing after my last purge.
  3. Old Navy chambray shirt – Does this even need a justification?  It’s chambray.
  4. Merona sweater @ Target – Curse you, KS#2!  I did not need another polka dot item, but this was too cute to pass up.
  5. F21 floral tee – Been eyeing this for two months and needed to snap it up before it went out of stock.
  6. F21 lace collar blouse – A spontaneous purchase to get free ship and to fill the pink void in my closet.  Ended up being more peach than pink and a bit to twee but decided to keep it for future “dress up” days.
  7. Old Navy chinos – Have worn these several times already and am in love.  Super comfy.
  8. Seychelles via eBay  – Very vintage.  Too bad they dig into the tops of my feet.  Hopefully, they’ll stretch as I wear them more.
  9. Seychelles via eBay – Haven’t worn these yet but KS#1 swears they’re comfy. And they’re as close to gladiator as I’m comfortable getting.
  10. Seychelles via eBay – Sad about these.  Not as navy as I thought.  May have to resell but we’ll see…
  11. Madden Girl via eBay – anyone a size 7.5 shoe and in the mood for floral?  Am reselling these on eBay for what I paid because THEY DIDN’T FIT!  Argh!  Same size and maker as the above two but no fitty on my feety.  GO HERE if interested.
  12. Anne Klein Christa via eBay – Obsessed over these.  Lost the first auction. Found a second.  Love!!!
  13. Call It Spring Roessing @ jcp and callitspring.com – Most comfy pair of heels and even if they’re mid, they still feel sexy.  Bought in three colors.  Ehehe.
  14. Naturalizer Lonnie @ Shoes.com – Wanted oxfords ever since my gal over at you look fab did a post on them.  These were the least expensive and the most luxurious looking pair I could find.  Bonus that they’re comfy.
  15. Macha flats @ Target – Thanks to Audrey over on Putting Me Together for introducing me to these.  Super comfy.  Bought in two colors.

Did I go overboard on shoes?  Yes, I did.

Did I go over my monthly budget?  Yes, I did.

Am I going to tell you by how much?  You don’t want to know.

(And let’s not even discuss what I bought at the thrift stores this week; that’s a post for another day.)

Suffice to say, I’m putting my credit cards on moratorium through April and maybe even through May as penance.  And I need people to do an intervention on me.


I am so in danger of violating my own rules regarding the purpose of this blog.  The only loophole I can find is that I did say I would try not to purchase clothes.  I never said anything about shoes…

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4 thoughts on “What I bought :: March 2013

  1. jenortega says:

    I agree that one can never have too many cardis, and I love the one you bought. I have revised my previous statement about Clara. She needs more cardis! And basic tees, apparently. She has way too many cute tops and jeans though ; ) Anyhow, I was thinking again about how far I’ve come as I was trying to find a cardi to wear for Jen’s dad’s memorial, and I was thinking I don’t have enough of the classic type. The oversized boyfriend’s just don’t work for flowy skirts. Everything looks sloppy!

    Anyhow, I am here to perform that intervention for you! What happened? You were doing so well. Was this why you said that you didn’t have anymore space for shoes???? How could you have kept this from me?

  2. Elba says:

    Oh “You’re terrible, Muriel” i really like the seychelles (my fav shoe brand aside from colehahn), and the floral open toe. I was at jcrew last night and was really tempted to buy the floral stripe shirt they have. I’ve been eyeing it for two months. But in person it’s not as luxurious so I felt better bout not buying it. However, I did find a new chunky statement necklace source on etsy. I’ll have to send you a pic of my under $20 purchases.

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