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Week 8 :: of epiphanies, cheetahs and leopards

Oh, my!

We’re back to ye ol’ grind.

It doesn’t even feel like I left.

A while back, I was talking with BF and I’d nonchalantly mentioned how most people hate their jobs and she came back with the most incredulous look followed by hearty denial of my statement.  It took us a bit of conversational floundering – a novelty, I assure you, since we’ve known each other for almost two decades now and we usually finish each other’s sentences – before we could conclude that 1. BF was delusional for fervently believing that everyone loved their jobs, 2. BF was not alone in feeling depressed and dissatisfied with her lot in life, and 3. I was a genius for providing her with the aforementioned epiphanies.

Okay, maybe not that last bit because I’m a far cry from a Hawkins or an Einstein, but I was right about the other parts, right?  Sure, we all have our teachable moments, our fifteen minutes of fame, our day in the sun.  But the majority of the time, we’re just plugging along, hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

This week, then, my first week back from a decidedly insufficient spring break, calls for a powerful fashion pick-me-up. And I don’t know about you, my friends, but nothing says “RAWRR” quite like…

Leopard Print Week

It was initially entitled “Animal Print Week” but when cadging together my outfits, I realized the majority of my prints are of the big cat persuasion.  I tried to mix it up with giraffe and zebra but all the inspiration photos that appealed to me utilized leopard, so leopard it is.  (Btw, I call it “leopard” because “leopard” sounds classier than “cheetah” but then the academic in me needed to know the difference and I had to research the difference here.  I don’t think it matters from a sartorial perspective, but it’s good to be informed, no?)

leopard monday

So today’s look was chosen by KS#1 and I do like the pairing of two strong elements.  One can always be safe and do neutrals with leopard but anymore, leopard is a neutral in itself, so throwing in a saturated color like emerald doesn’t prove garish at all.  On the contrary, I think the two work well together in providing a chic yet casual vibe that’s both trendy and timeless.  It doesn’t hurt that the silhouette of tunic top plus skinny jean also contributes to the classic feel of this outfit.

leopard monday 2

The strong belt grounds the look, preventing it from being too juvenile.  The cowboy boots were a last-minute switch-out from sandals because of this fickle So. Cal. weather, but I think it adds whimsy to the look.  Of course, my muscular thighs look particularly robust this way, but what can you do?  Sometimes warmth and comfort trumps vanity.

leopard monday 3

BF and I found an outdoor spot that makes good use of the light but is  deserted enough during this time in the morning that I didn’t feel too embarrassed hamming it up.  I still have issues with my hands – what do I do with them without props? – and I’m beginning to feel debilitated by this pressure to “tell a story” with my photos.  After all, some of the veteran fashion bloggers I follow do the same poses in front of the same backdrops for every post.

What do you think, my friends?  Shall I save myself the aggravation and just find a sweet spot and do my shoots ad nauseam there?  Or do I continue looking for new venues like a Hollywood location scout?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Modcloth
Jeans – Canyon River Blues @ Sears
Boots – Ariat
Belt – yes

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