Week 8 :: of sturm und drang and angsty whingeing

Why is it that I always start off the week with grand intentions and excited anticipation, only to feel spent and exhausted by the end of it?

Arthur Ashe had said that success is a journey, not the destination; that the doing is often more important than the outcome.  And although that’s supposed to sound all Stuart Smalley and encouraging and uplifting, it just makes me realize that all the fun inherent in this little adventure of mine is in the creation of the outfits.

The prepping and staging and photographing and writing?

It’s work.

And I already have a job that requires me to work.

This is not gonna turn into a rant.  I swear.  But I kid you not, my friends.  By Thursday night, when I have to think of Friday’s entry and I know the smart thing to do is write the copy early and just insert the photos the following day because I have the outfit all planned out anyway but I would rather just curl into my down comforter and watch Project Runway, sometimes I think I would be better off doing what most fashion bloggers do: screw the words and just post pics.


You know what can snap me out of this mini-funk?


I love me a good list.

Lists appeal to the Type A control freak in me.  They ground me and comfort me.  They help me find zen.  So humor me, my friends.  Allow me a self-pitying sulk.  I promise I’ll be my usual verbose self next time.  Today, you get a list.  And here’s what I learned this week:

  1. My go-to default facial expression when being photographed is the grimace.
  2. Red is my friend.
  3. Shorter people make for amazeballs photographers.
  4. My prop du choix is the coffee cup.
  5. I photograph best when I’m looking away from the camera.
  6. My old new glasses are adequately photogenic (yes, I ended up re-lensing my Calvin Kleins; cheaper that way but thanks to all who voted).
  7. Although crafting the copy ahead of time gives me respite from the early-morning rush to get a post out before 9am, it also sucks the spontaneity and joy out of my writing.
  8. Clean the mirror before using it to take pictures.
  9. Those damned camel Canes are not as comfortable as my black or grey ones at all.  In fact, they were downright hellish to wear.
  10. Outdoor shots are the best shots.

Below are the shots taken yesterday afternoon during my prep period – I brought my outfit to school to make it happen.  There’s no commentary attached.  Just enjoy the photos.





:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Tobi
Jacket – F21
Jeans – Old Navy
Wedges – Mossimo @ Target

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5 thoughts on “Week 8 :: of sturm und drang and angsty whingeing

  1. jenortega says:

    I really liked the pics on the stairs. And I think you should only do a lengthy entry when you want to. Sometimes just the visuals are fine. This is supposed to be fun, remember? Stuart Smalley…that was his name ; )

    • mtsedwards says:

      Yes, I think I’ll give myself a break and allow at least one day a week to be pictures only. I’m running out of ways to say “outfit/ensemble/look” without sounding redundant. :/

  2. Del says:

    Love it!! The outfit and the pics! Especially of you on the stairs holding on to the rail 🙂

    • mtsedwards says:

      Charisse says I look like her in the second collage, top right photo. Then she said “Pretty!!” and I teased her and asked “Pretty because I look like you?” LOL!

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