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What’s in my cart :: Marc Jacobs sunglasses

So if you’ve been a regular reader of my humble little blog, you will be very aware of my love affair with Marc.

Marc Jacobs, that is.

And, as with all affairs, it all started very innocently.  I’d been visiting KS#2 and my god-bébé one normal Saturday and I’d nonchalantly inquired as to whether she had a spare pair of sunglasses for me to use as a prop in one of my planned outdoor photo shoots.  She answered yes just as nonchalantly, dropping a rather cumbersome case in my lap.

That case would be to me what the briefcase was to Vincent and Jules in Pulp Fiction.


Because, my friends, in that case was the most supermegafoxyawesomehot pair of shades ever created.  Now you would think I’d have known right off the bat that these were meant for me since I know from eye wear, but I’m more about eyeglasses than sunglasses, so at first, the sheer size of the lenses were off-putting.


But then I put them on, mugging in front of her full-length mirror, and it was love at first sight.  Even though they aren’t prescription and my vision was therefore blurry and perhaps contributed to my being instantaneously smitten, it didn’t change the fact that these shades settled on my face as if made for me and I felt like a goddess in them.

I immediately became Gollum with these suckers.  I threw the case in my purse, bid my sis a hasty farewell before she could change her mind about loaning them, and hightailed it back home for not one, but multiple photo shoots wearing my new precious, as seen here and here and here and here.

And now we come to part one of my dilemma.  KS#2 is eventually gonna want these back.  And I’m okay with buying myself a pair.  Even found them at a reasonable price online.  But which color?

And part two?  Well, once we’ve established color, I need to decide whether or not I should get prescriptions put in them.  This would add an extra $50 to the price tag.

So do I pull the trigger?  For which color?  Prescription or no?  Or should I just not mention them ever again to KS#2 and see how long “indefinitely” can extend?

P.S.  Today is the last day for your challenge links, my friends!  Send them my way and we’ll see what my closet and I can come up with next week!

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