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HGB :: the Balm Schwing eyeliner

I am full of suck when it comes to make up.

I don’t profess any expert knowledge on beauty products at all.  Remember, before last year and the whirlwind influence of KS#1, my makeup regimen consisted of moisturizer and lipstick.

So why do an HGB feature on eyeliner?  Well, when I conceived of the “Holy Grail” idea, I’d translated that in my head to mean any product that I can’t live without.  And when I started thinking about that philosophy in terms of my life for real, I decided that for any item to be considered HG-worthy, it needed to pass the Yale litmus test.  That is, would I need to throw the item in my suitcase when I start packing for my Yale adventure this summer?

And, guess what?  the Balm’s Schwing eyeliner passed that test in spades.


Call me addicted, but I honestly feel naked until I do that swipe of black above my lashes.  I cannot leave home without eyeliner, even on the weekends.  Seriously, my confidence level shoots through the roof once I’ve got my cat’s eye going on.

I think it’s because, of all the eye products I’ve purchased and experimented with, eyeliner is the one consistent thing that 1. can be seen even behind my glasses and 2. can be executed with minimal fuss and expertise.

Of course, the latter is helped along tremendously by Schwing.  Previous to my discovering this gem of perfection, I’d tried eyeliner creams, eyeliner pencils, even eye shadows as eyeliner using a thin brush.  All the above methods produced messy raccoon eyes – all smudgy and amateurish.  KS#1 suggested liquid liners but the ones I tried either didn’t have great color payback and/or the applicators were so hard and stiff that I felt I was poking at my eyeball with sticks.

Enter Schwing, stage right.  There was a the Balm – okay, I can’t do it.  I know it’s their brand and I love me a good e.e. cumming-esque use of lower case letter, but calling them “the Balm” is confusing, even to me.  Let’s agree to drop the article and just go with “Balm” from now on, eh?

As I was saying, there was a Balm sale on Haute Look and of course I didn’t know the brand then but KS#1 used her super powers of persuasion to get me to buy this eyeliner.  At the time, I was loathe to spend the $7 on it since I was a confirmed and proud-of-it drugstore cosmetics gal.  But the product was usually $28 for a tube and the bargain shopper in me couldn’t resist.

Thank Buddha.

Because, my friends, this stuff is the shiznit!  Why?  Well, there are multiple reviews of this product that show better pictures and discuss with better commentary its pros and cons, as evinced here and here and here.

For me, the answer is simple: I was able, on the first try, TO DRAW A PERFECT CATS’ EYE ON BOTH MY LIDS.  And if you know anything about me, drawing cats’ eyes, and eyeliner, you know why I felt the need to scream that just now.  But for the love of all that’s holy, you can’t argue with this:


The felt tip is flexible yet firm, allowing for a painless single stroke application.  It dries pretty quickly; I apply then move on to my cheeks and lips and by the time I’m ready to move back to curl lashes and mascara, Schwing has dried to a lovely deep black matte finish.

Sadly, as a couple of the reviews above mention, Schwing is NOT waterproof.  But since I don’t have a problem with tearing, watery eyes, this is actually a boon rather than a bad thing.  It means Schwing comes off very easily with regular makeup remover and minimal scrubbing.

Balm’s Schwing is truly my HG eyeliner.  Now if only they’d come out with other colors…

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