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Week 9 :: of SarahTaylor and nothing

Wait for it…wait for it…


I got nothing.


click me! click me!

Nothing much to say about today’s outfit, that is.

No, that’s not a diss on the magnificent SarahTaylor, who presented me with this challenge pic only after much cajoling on my part because she’s a self-professed non-fashionista. (Hrm, I seem to have a lot of regular readers who profess this; should I be flattered or concerned?)

I just think that sometimes, simple is best, as evinced by today’s dupe.  It’s actually very similar to Monday’s look in color scheme and vibe.  But, whereas I felt deliberate and structured and “put together” on Monday (must’ve been the layers and the heels), today is all about being casual, comfortable and classic.  And really, does a chambray shirt and skinnies need much commentary?

Challenge Week Thursday

Okay, I take it back.  I have plenty to say.  Firstly, I need to point out that Aly took the garden shots yesterday then gave up on me halfway through.  This should have been an indication that things were sure to go awry.  Because this morning, the pair of wedges that I thought were amazeballs – not only because of that fierce giraffe print – giraffe! – but also because I got them for the low, low price of $4 at the thrift store – ended up killing my feet so much, I chucked them aside at the last minute and threw on my tried-and-true riding boots instead.


Did I say “last minute”?  Why, yes.  Yes, I did.  In my haste to put something on my feet and dash out the door for carpool, I forgot that the boots-and-skinnies combo cuts me as effectively as a piss-poor magician doing the box trick.  Already in a foul mood, I attempted to do the morning photo shoot at work but no amount of encouragement from BF could cajole a decent picture out of me.

I got nothing.

So now, I think I’m just gonna stop talking and let the pictures – the ones I managed to salvage – do their thing.  And in the spirit of today’s post, I won’t even mind if I got very few comments  or none at all.  After all, in the immortal words of Rand MacIvor (who, btw, inspired the text for this post and who – by his graciousness and artistic genius – has unwittingly acquired me as a stalker): “If you have nothing in mind, at least you have lots of room should something happen along.”

:: Just the facts, ma’am::
Top – Old Navy
Jeans – F21
Wedges – Qupid @ American Way Thrift
Boots – Nicole @ Ross
Belt – yes
Necklace – Target

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