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Week 9 :: of Elba and breathing a sigh of relief

And there it is, my friends.

The Friday doldrums.

I can’t even blame it on the week’s theme (which I thoroughly enjoyed, barring some minor snafus) or on my life (which was relatively stress- and responsibility-free other than the usual minutiae).  I guess my body/mind/spirit is just coming down from the adrenaline high of the work week, dialing down in preparation for the weekend.

So allow me a sigh of relief, then, as we conclude a very successful Challenge Week with an offering from one of my original readers.


Elba has been on board since day one of MCC.  She’s always super encouraging and supportive, the best kind of reader there is (who’s not a family member or BF).  She actually did me the honor of participating in Leopard Print Week (see above) and told me afterwards that she’s still wearing animal prints.  I’d like to think I can take credit for that, eh?

Anyhow, Elba was kind enough to send me some fab inspiration pics that were both charming but also appropriate for the weather, the day and my mood.  Therefore, my friends, I give you today’s final offering:


I’m not as adorable as Elba (who manages to look fetch even in smartphone self-photos) but I do think I managed to recreate the inspiration pic relatively closely.  The trick was deciding which aspect of the top – the centerpiece of the whole look – to dupe.  Deconstructing it, we come up with several things that make the top distinctive: the neckline, the sleeve length, the lace detail, the scalloped edging, the swingy cut, and of course the color.  I think four out of six ain’t bad (I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which four I managed to dupe).


Dark wash bootcut jeans, a statement bracelet, a pair of subdued heels and a slash of dark lipstick – now this is a look anyone can dupe.  Right, BF?


A huge thank you and virtual hugs to everyone who helped make the first ever but certainly not the last Challenge Week a rousing success.  Pat yourselves on the collective back for ensuring that I don’t fall into a rut and for being the vanguard of what will possibly be a monthly feature here on MCC.

Happy weekend, my friends!  Make good choices!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – The Webster Miami @ Target
Jeans – Vera Wang @ Kohl’s
Heels – Carlos by Carlos Santana
Bracelet – gift

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