What’s in my cart :: Halloween

I’m blaming it all on Hunter.

Alright, maybe not.  Maybe I had already half-decided that I was going for a different costume this year.  And maybe I’d already been collecting items in my eBay cart.  And maybe Hunter’s Edwardian inspiration pic was just an excuse for me to follow through.

All I know is that I’m going full on Edwardian steampunk for Halloween this year and I need help figuring out what look to go for.


As you can see, there are a myriad ways to interpret the look.  And since I’m not going for cosplay (just a costume to wear to work and door-to-door begging trick-or-treating with the kiddos) my get-up doesn’t need to be hardcore authentic.  I mean, after researching this, I found people who are serious can spend upwards to about $500 for leather strappings and handmade clockwork accessories.  And let’s not even mention the weaponry!  I certainly can’t afford that – although let’s face it, you know I would if I could! – but I would like to look trick and slick.

I know the thrift store is my best bet for a lot of this stuff, but there are certain pieces that are just easier purchased than reconfigured and below are the ones that are biding their time in my eBay cart.

I’m either going military steampunk or engineer steampunk.  If the former, my color scheme will be black; if the latter, then we’re looking at browns.  I have the footwear for either color so now I just need help deciding which look and which components to make up the winning look.

So, first, the top.  Every good steampunk gal needs a good lacy, ruffly top.  Which of the following is best?

A good corset is next.  All the steampunk costumes I’ve seen utilized a corset, except the military ones.  Now, I already own these two pieces:

If I wear the khaki, I can probably get away with either a top or a corset.  I won’t need both.  If I wear the black, the corset is unnecessary but I’d need a top.  Here are my corset choices:

If I choose either of the options with skirt, then my costume is pretty much complete.  If I pick one without a skirt, then I’d have to fabricate one later (found a tutorial online that doesn’t require sewing, so it shouldn’t be a problem).  Oh, also, if I pick a corset, I bet I could get away without wearing a top underneath, saving me some money (my lady bits aren’t so big that it’d be scandalous if I wore the corset sans top).

There is a final piece lingering in my cart and I only show it as an option because it’s one of those things that, knowing me, I’d be able to wear again after Halloween:

Actually, barring the corsets with skirts, I’d probably be bold enough to wear any of the above pieces on their own after Halloween. Which is probably why I can’t pull the trigger on any of them – I’m regarding them for dual purposes – costume and fashion.

Having put it in context, then, do you wanna help me play dress up, my friends?  Which combination of any or all of the above would you recommend to make a kick-butt steampunk Halloween costume that, when deconstructed, can also function as everyday wear?

Of course all this begs the question: why Halloween now, Maricel?!  Halloween is half a year away!

Because I’m obsessive compulsive and once I get a notion in my noggin, I can’t let it go until it’s resolved.

I’m blaming it all on Hunter.

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9 thoughts on “What’s in my cart :: Halloween

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  2. jenortega says:

    I agree with Del in general. If you were going to buy a corset, I would also go for the turquoise, but I’d rather see you continue to shop your closet. I was really trying to figure out who Dave was!

  3. Del says:

    You’re planning for Halloween already?? Dork! Anyway, go for the 2nd top (at least you can wear it again), the black vest (since you already own it), and throw on a skirt you already have. No need to go out and buy something you’re only wearing once. That final piece is bleh! Please don’t buy it..too costume-y. Get creative with your clothes since the whole point is to shop your closet. Dave your budget for better and classic pieces!

  4. Selah says:

    I like the second shirt the best – high collar & lace, with the black military vest, and I’d love to see what kind of skirt you can fashion yourself.
    If you decide to go engineer, the turquoise corset is my favorite! It’s do unique.

    • mtsedwards says:

      First! Why are you up and about so early on a Saturday? Unless you’re in a different time zone from me. ;p

      Anyhow, thanks for chiming in. I am such the quintessential Gemini that I can never make up my mind about anything. I hope people don’t get tired of helping me cull through my various carts every Saturday. LOL!

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