Week 10 :: of blue, chartreuse and Gerd Koch

Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men…

Spring Garden with Sun Wet Patch by Gerd Koch

Spring Garden with Sun Wet Patch by Gerd Koch

The outfit planned for this particular piece was initially intended for Thursday, for no other reason than that it felt like a Thursday outfit.

But then I checked the forecast and, although I should know better than to trust meteorologists in So. Cal. (they might as well be using a bowl of water to scry the future for all the use they are to me), there is a prediction of a cooling trend later on this week.  So I swapped today’s original ensemble (pants and a long-sleeved top) with this one in the hopes that the weather predictors prove me wrong for once.

WoA Tuesday

The only problem I had with this outfit was the scarf, which unfortunately is the centerpiece of the look and could not be substituted.  At first, I was ecstatic because its resemblance to the painting was uncanny – right down to the colors and Impressionist-y brushstrokes.

Then I put it on.


It’s a ruffle scarf, also known in the knitting world as the potato chip scarf.  It’s fun to look at and relatively fun to knit but I never realized what a pain it is to style.  After attempting multiple methods of scarf-tying, I still ended up looking either like a surprised ostrich or a guillotined Queen Elizabeth.

Thank Buddha I remembered the good ol’ wraparound and tuck or I would’ve thrown in the towel and picked another painting altogether.  Paired with a structured blazer, the ruffles look contained and deliberate rather than fabric vomit around my neck.  I’m also proud of that rather outré combination of chartreuse and yellow.  I would normally have picked a brown or neutral shoe, but the painting told me to take a chance.  Here’s hoping it paid off.

WoA Tuesday

A shout out goes to my daughter who vetoed the blue cardi I was going to wear as my completer piece.  I’d shown her the painting and then given her the two choices.  The conversation went something like this:

Aly (wrinkling her nose at the cardi): I don’t like it.
Me: But that’s what I’d planned.
Aly: I don’t like it.  Too much blue.
Me (putting the white blazer on): Ok, now?
Aly: Better. The blue made you look dark. The white makes you look happy. And it picks up the white in the painting too.

I love my intuitive fashionista-in-training!

WoA Tuesday

WoA Tuesday

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Gabrielle Rocha @ 6pm.com
Blazer – Apostrophe @ Sears
Scarf – Marshall’s
Shoes – Call It Spring Roessing at jcp

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6 thoughts on “Week 10 :: of blue, chartreuse and Gerd Koch

  1. jenortega says:

    I liked this blog text best out of all of them so far. Specifically, I enjoyed your surprised ostrich or guillotined Queen Elizabeth. I also found your Aly/Mommy script very entertaining. Oddly, I chose my outfit (which matched your colors) based on the cooling trend later this week. We shall see…

    The scarf was a great mimic of the painting, but I see how the ruffles can be difficult. I love my ruffle scarf, but there are certain outfits it looks odd with even if the color matches. I think, too, your fabric is a bit different from mine. I’ll have to run up to your room to check it out ; )

    • mtsedwards says:

      And you did run! How funny! Did we not get the same scarf only in a different color? Does yours not have elastic? Now I wanna run up to your house to check yours out! ;p

  2. Yes another home run in my book. Looks like Aly batted you in (just to keep the baseball analogy going:). That scarf is perfect. FUN and fab. Way to go girl!!

    • mtsedwards says:

      That scarf was the game changer. Made me realize I didn’t have to dupe the works of art so literally or with the entire ensemble.

      I shall convey your compliments to Aly; she’ll be tickled pink!

  3. Elba Ortega says:

    Wow, the scarf really is a perfect match to the painting, very nice! I probably would’ve gone straight to the blue cardi as well, but I like the white jacket. This is a fun theme, definitely a challenge! 🙂

    • mtsedwards says:

      I know, right? But I wore the blazer over the cardi and did the whole “shrug on/take off” routine in front of the mirror and Aly was right – the combo of muted chartreuse and muted blue really dragged me down. Perhaps if either one had been more saturated. But the white was an instant visual hit.

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