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Week 10 :: pink, cobalt and Ynez Johnston

The good news is I’m actually happy today.

Okay, maybe “happy” is too strong of a word.  Let’s just say that I’m not subject to my usual Friday doldrums. And you wanna know why?

The secret, my friends, is cheese balls and ginger ale.

That’s right.  Junk food.  And I’m allowing myself this excess – can we say ginormous bucket of goodness from Target and a 12-pack? – because sometimes, we women just gotta have the goods.  If you know what I mean.

And to accompany this decadence, I’m closing out Works of Art week in a blaze of color glory.

Abstract by Ynez Johnston

Abstract by Ynez Johnston

This painting was one of the Kim originals that she’d submitted last week, and it has preyed on my mind since then.  I love modern abstract art – my house is filled with prints of Klees and Kandinskys and Klimts – but the colors of this piece stymied me initially.  Specifically all that pink.  (We’ve already established my dearth of green in my closet, but I realized this dearth is paralleled by a paucity of pink as well.)

Thank goodness for spring break and thrifting.  I’d not gone through my entire haul yet because I’d thrown the whole kit and kaboodle into the delicates hamper for washing, but when I finally decided to stop procrastinating and just do the wash already, guess what falls into my lap like manna from heaven?

WoA Friday

It’s pink!  It’s abstract!  It’s even got some blues and oranges!  And I’d purchased it for a measly $4 even before Kim had sent me her links.  The fashion gods were surely smiling on me.

You know wanna know what else is fortuitous?  A Tilly’s sale that enabled me to scratch my lace-up combat boot itch without breaking the bank.  They came in the mail two days ago and I thought it’d be a while before I could wear it.  But, hey!  Fashion gods, remember?

And that scarf?  With the purple?  A half-forgotten eBay purchase that fell out of my scarf bin when I was looking for a miner’s hat for ichiban son’s Gold Rush Day yesterday?  Yeah.  I have no words.  All feels.

WoA Friday

A huge, monstrous, gigantic, tremendous, insert another adjective for “big” here thank you to Kim once again for being the instigator/initiator of this week’s theme.  This is by far my favorite week because it truly stretched both my critical thinking and my closet.

I hope you all enjoyed it as well.  Happy weekend, my friends!  Make good choices!

WoA Friday

WoA Friday

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Liz Claiborne @ Community Thrift
Jeans – Almost Famous @ Tilly’s
Boots – Tilly’s
Scarf – eBay
Earrings – gift from student

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