What I bought :: April 2013

1-3 :: boots from Tilly’s.  The good news is that they were all on sale because boots are now out of season.

4-6 :: pumps from Payless.  Did I need them?  Of course not.  Are they now no longer available?  Of course.  And I’ve already worn two of them this month, so investment well made.

7-8 :: flats from Payless and H&M, respectively.  The cap toes are by Dexflex, probably the most comfy brand of flats ever.  The multi-print ones are not as comfy but they’re sassy as all get-out and were a steal at $12.

9-12 :: eBay purchases from China.  The first two ended up being too small across the shoulder even though I’d checked and re-checked their measurements, which is a bummer because the floral print one is adorbs in person.  Thank goodness the latter two fit well because the high-necked lace one is part of my steampunk costume.  I’ll probably try to sell the too-small shirts or maybe give them to either one of the KS’s?

13 & 14 :: eBay purchases.  The first because I can’t resist anything Japanese but the hook-and-eye closures are too low so I have to sew more on.  The second because KS#2 had bought one which I’d worn here and I fell in love with it and wanted one in my size so I could actually wear it by itself.  The lace really is lovelier in person.

15 & 16 :: F21 purchases.  These would not have happened had KS#1 not come in from Boston.  But she did.  So she, KS#2 and I went marathon shopping at the brick and mortar mecca and I ended up with these and some other pieces which they bought for my birthday prezzies.  Lucky!

17 & 18 :: Jeans from Tilly’s.  I couldn’t pass them up at $9 a piece.  You’ve already seen the black one in action and the other is just plain fun so I don’t have regrets.

And you all know my dilemma over these heels which, having now completed my April inventory and knowing I still have to account for my thrift store hauls, I may just end up returning.

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3 thoughts on “What I bought :: April 2013

  1. […] Today’s play on monochrome started off with primary red pants.  But since blue-red doesn’t play well with tomato-red, I decided to swap them out with a burgundy pair.  Doing so puts this outfit into the fall spectrum rather than spring, but since we’re having a cold snap this week, I feel it’s apropos.  To keep with the Victorian vibe of the velvet blazer, I’m wearing that lace top mentioned here and here. […]

  2. Del says:

    do you have the link to the ebayer who sells the lace top??

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