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Week 12 :: of donkeys, mysteries and red velvet

So experiment over.

At the risk of being like that hapless man in the donkey fable, I shall now go back to our regularly scheduled program and resume talking about the clothes.  After all, as KS#1 said, if this is supposed to be a style blog, why confuse people with my random ramblings?

(If you were one of the few who did find some modicum of entertainment from my philosophastering, however, never fear!  Perhaps I may be persuaded to resurrect it as a weekend feature.)

Anyhow, this week.  What am I doing this week, you might be wondering.  Well, my friends, let’s shake things up a bit.  Instead of my telling you, how’s about you all try to figure out the theme on your own?

Mystery Monday

The thing is, I can’t really separate my work self from my blogging self, especially since both equally consume my time and energy.  It stands to reason, then, that one will spill over into the other every once in a while, and right now, the big thing in my work life is the state adoption of Common Core.  I’m not going to bore my non-educator readers with philosophies and pedagogy; suffice to say that one of the things we’re supposed to be doing in the classroom is encouraging students to go back to text to support their opinions.

So you, my friends, are going to have to be vigilant, observant and diligent.  That is, it means you’re going to have to keep coming back each day to try to piece the clues together if you want to know what this week’s theme is.  I’m essentially making you go back to text to support your opinion.

Is this a manipulative ploy to get you to be repeat readers?  Perhaps.  But if you’re here anyway, why not exercise ye ol’ grey matter while looking at pretty pics?  Think of it as a stab at preventing Alzheimer’s.

Mystery Monday

Today’s play on monochrome started off with primary red pants.  But since blue-red doesn’t play well with tomato-red, I decided to swap them out with a burgundy pair.  Doing so puts this outfit into the fall spectrum rather than spring, but since we’re having a cold snap this week, I feel it’s apropos.  To keep with the Victorian vibe of the velvet blazer, I’m wearing that lace top mentioned here and here.

I wonder if knee-high boots falls perilously too close to costume territory.  Initially, I wore penny loafers with this ensemble – looked uber cute too – then I woke up this morning to the pitter-patter of rain against my window and suddenly, warmth mattered a whole lot more than style.  So even though the dressiness of the lace/velvet combo needed to be balanced with the preppiness of the loafers, boots it is today.   My feet are still in recovery from last week’s stiletto-wearing anyway, so this is probably a blessing in disguise.

Mystery Monday

Whatever your thoughts on this outfit, I have to say unequivocally that I am super comfortable in it and I think it’s the only way to start off this Mystery Week.  As we progress, I bet you’ll think the same.

Mystery Monday

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – eBay
Blazer – Anne Klein @ Community Thrift
Pants – H&M
Shoes – MIA girl @ Kohl’s

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