Week 12 :: of rules, breaking them and orange stripes

And here’s one of the reasons I no longer hold my Color Me Beautiful card as gospel.

According to my palette, I’m not allowed to wear orange up close to my face because it…well, because it…gosh darn it!  I dunno what it does but I’m not allowed to wear it.  Happily, like I’ve told BF time and time again, style rules are meant to be broken.  And I’m glad I’m an avid rule breaker – or bender anyway – because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to partake in one of this season’s on trend colors.

Mystery Tuesday

Okay, technically it’s supposed to be coral and not tangerine – tangerine was two seasons ago, don’t you know – but I figure I’m in the same color family so I’m golden.  (See what I did with that pun there?)  The challenge with orange, however, is that you always run the risk of looking like you’re dressing for Halloween, and since most people usually make a grab for black to tone down vibrant colors, the risk magnifies twofold.

Enter my favorite neutral: grey.  I’ve already extolled its virtues here so I won’t say any more, but I do caution you, my friends, to be very judicious with your grey choices.  Like red, it comes in many shades, ranging from warm taupes to cool charcoals.

Now I know I’ve just said I don’t follow my palette card anymore, but I do advise a critical eye with grey.  I know I look like death warmed over if I wear the warmer tones so I reserve them for bottoms or pair them with pops of color like a scarf or statement necklace if they’re tops.

Today is not a grey-wearing problem because a. it’s a cool grey and b. it’s a bottom, but I felt it was my style duty to warn you of the vagaries of this particular color.

Mystery Tuesday

I actually almost scrapped this outfit because I tried no less than five pairs of shoes and none of them would go.  Can you believe I was so desperate that, at one point, I almost convinced myself a pair of leopard pumps would be a great example of bold pattern?  Thank goodness reason prevailed; there’s a fine line between avant garde and kooky and I almost crossed it by thinking I could combine animal print, stripes and plaid all in the same outfit.

The shoe I settled on is an animal print, sure, but it’s subtle and in the same color family as the pant.  The patent leather’s shine bookends the visual vibrancy up top, and I felt like Cinderella when I put them on because they just completed the look perfectly.

Mystery Tuesday

By the way, when I asked Aly to guess what my theme is this week, she took one look at my outfits and figured it out in one.  Thinking it was a fluke, I asked Dylan to hazard his own guess and he got it just as quickly.  So although I’d intended to add textual hints throughout the week, I changed my mind because it’s just too darned easy.  It will probably become apparent tomorrow, so stay tuned.  If you think you’ve got it today, shoot me an email so it doesn’t spoil it for everyone else.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – tobi.com
Blazer – F21
Pants – Mossimo @ Target
Shoes – Franco Sarto @ ideeli.com

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4 thoughts on “Week 12 :: of rules, breaking them and orange stripes

  1. Selah says:

    A few years ago I wore a pumpkin orange t-shirt while teaching a modern dance class and I scared one of my students. She said that I looked really pale (washed out) and that when I did a particular dance step I looked like a zombie! So, on me, orange = death (or, un-death, I guess).
    I do have a coral skirt that I love, but I always pair it with a more flattering color top.

  2. Selah says:

    I LOVE grey, it’s so much softer than black. I think you look cute in orange, but I really can’t wear orange close to my face – I’ve tried and it makes me look like death. The closest I can get is very pale orange, like blush, peach, and apricot.
    I think I’ve got the theme figured out too. I’ll email you

    • mtsedwards says:

      Aw, thanks! Sometimes, I think it’s more the attitude than the color, though. But I’m glad you think I can pull off orange – I am currently obsessed with it, as evinced by my nail polish color this week. ;p

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