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[BONUS] Week 12 :: of reveals, promises and purple chevron

Figured it out yet?  Feeling rather smug, are you?  Before we do the big reveal and allow you to feel vindicated, however, why don’t we give up the final piece of the puzzle for the folks who aren’t in on our secret.


No?  Not enough?  Need me to say it?  What if I show you what my son and daughter saw in the beginning of the week which allowed them to guess it in one?


Pretty obvious when put that way, eh?  Even got both of them singing in chorus:

“Red, orange, yellow, green, blue…Mommy!  Where’s the purple?!”

They were both so vexed by the missing purple that I had to promise to post a bonus outfit to complete the…


For those of you who got it pretty early on in the week, kudos!  I wish I had one of those fancy-shmancy, established blogs with sponsors so am able to offer giveaways and prizes.  As it is, you get virtual cheers and huzzahs for being so very clever.

To my sisters who guessed Blazer Week then Monochrome Week  then Pants and Blazers Week and were denied at every turn and had to have the kids’ clue texted to figure it out, thanks for giving me more ideas for possible themes.


And because I promised a bonus day, here are some photos of what my outfit would’ve been had it been a 6-day work week.  (Yes, I set up a backdrop in my classroom and yes, I brought a purple outfit and changed into it.  Don’t judge me.)

According to one of my students who’s in the photography elective, I’m gonna need to bring in some spot lighting to get rid of the glare.  I think I may have a spare lamp running around in my house that would serve.

You know, this is turning into a full-fledged professional arrangement.  I wonder if it’s sketchy, though, my conducting photo shoots at work?  Then again, I am doing it off the clock…

Rainbow Saturday

Rainbow Saturday

Rainbow Saturday

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Banana Republic @ American Thrift
Skirt – Old Navy
Shoes – Mootsies Tootsies

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