Week 13 :: of heatwaves, testing week and feeling meh

I’m not really a whiner.  I swear.

But when I find myself constantly harping about the weather, I know I have some ‘splaining to do.  Thing is, when one lives in California, one is at the mercy of these darned micro climates.  I can literally drive twenty minutes in any direction and experience an increase or decrease of temperature by at least five degrees.  And when one plans outfits in advance, preternatural attention to weather is a must.

This week is gonna be a scorcher.  Which is bad.  Because you’re talking to the gal who told my husband that if he takes me anywhere tropical or hot (we’re talking anything above 75 F/24 C) for vacation, he would not be getting lucky for the interim of the trip.  Yes, I hate heat.  Don’t ask why I live in Southern California.

To top off desert heat, this week is also state testing week which means sitting at my desk and baby-sitting.  Oh, joy.

Is it any wonder, then, that I’m not looking forward to the next five days and why I was really hard-pressed to come up with decent outfits, much less a theme?  This was the first time since I started my blog that I was thoroughly uninspired.  Nothing in my closet or Pinterest or my fellow bloggers’ sites managed to get my creative juices flowing.


It wasn’t until the fifth outfit at 10pm last night that a semblance of an idea began to emerge.

Spring Monday

Both the top and the jeans are from the Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s.  I don’t normally pair same-brand pieces together because it feels like cheating, but I was tired and desperate and my friend the weatherdude said today was gonna be the hottest day of the week, so light colors and flowy top prevail.

I needed an undergarment for the top since it’s thoroughly see-through, and that search made clear to me that I am woefully lacking in the basics department.  Anyone know where I can get basic tanks in different colors?

Spring Monday

In keeping with my “meh” mood, I’m wearing my Macha flats.  I’m not saying that these flats are awful; on the contrary, they’re quickly becoming my faves for their comfort and cuteness.  I’m just saying that I usually wear flats when I’m feeling bummy and blah and uninspired.  At least this pair comes in a fun, peppy color.

I didn’t want to tuck or half-tuck the top because that would defeat the purpose of the breezy look I was going for and the undershirt wouldn’t have allowed for either anyway.  Unfortunately, this made the ensemble look sloppy and unfinished.  But then I threw on the sassy headband.  The color matched the top exactly and the polka dots provide pattern mixing interest with the floral of the pant.  All of a sudden, I felt a lot better about a so-so outfit.  Amazing what accessorizing can do, eh?

Spring Monday

Anyhow, what say you, my friends?  Shall we make like last week’s theme and keep this one a mystery as well?  Or should I just tell you outright?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Lauren Conrad @ Kohl’s
Jeans – Lauren Conrad @ Kohl’s
Flats – Macha @ Target
Headband – etsy

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14 thoughts on “Week 13 :: of heatwaves, testing week and feeling meh

  1. […] think I’ve already talked up these Macha flats to death here, here and here, so I’ll just concede that I’m finally overcoming my anti-flats stance, and […]

  2. Ciku says:

    Tell us! I can’t stand having to guess! Hahah. Plus I can’t stand not knowing even more!!

  3. jenortega says:

    Well, if you’d done the shoot indoors, we wouldn’t see the desert heat shimmering off your outfit. It was crazy hot today. I’ve been thinking about how extremely hot weather is really going to change the way I’ve been dressing. I may need a hot weather consult. Even when I am mainly inside, I feel silly even walking outside if I am wearing something to warm for the day!

    • mtsedwards says:

      We can try to do that consult but I’m full of suck when it comes to hot weather wear. Summer is really more your forte, remember?

  4. Let me guess. I am thinking since it is so HOT HOT HOT plus STATE testing (both ugh) if you don’t have the theme of comfort, you should. Fashionable comfort naturally! 🙂

  5. Del says:

    i like it! you scream spring!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Thanks! In retrospect, I probably should’ve done the shoot indoors. Not only would it have been cooler, you would probably be able to see better that the top is this amazing neon yellow color.

  6. Selah says:

    You look great! It’s not a blah outfit at all. I love the Old Navy Tami. The straps are wide enough to cover bra straps, the fabric is stretchy and breaths well, it comes in lots of colors, and it’s cheap.

    • mtsedwards says:

      And they’re on sale! Woots! Thanks, Selah! Do they run small, you know? Or do they shrink in the wash? Should I buy large or medium?

      • Selah says:

        They run big. I buy a medium and my usual size is XL. Vanity sizing!

        • mtsedwards says:

          Poop. I had gone ahead and ordered mediums in the heat of the buying moment. Ah, well. Maybe they’ll shrink some? Or perhaps I should exchange at the store. I just hate having to drive to the local b&m…

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