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Week 13 :: of hate, love and breaking biases

I’m thinking we all need a break from skinnies, right?

Even though it has now been well and thoroughly established how much I love to show off my legs, for the sake of variety, let us now embark upon less chartered territory: the boyfriend jean.

Spring Wednesday

Ah, boyfriend!  How we hate to love you.  You give us the saggy butt and the slouchy leg, shortening our silhouette mercilessly.  You are only kind to the waif-like or pencil-thin; the rest of the shapes be damned.  You demand to be balanced with body-hugging tops that do no favors to muffins and mommy boobs everywhere.

And yet, how I covet you, boyfriend!  How I love the comfort of that roomy leg, that forgiving waistband!  How I relish the freedom of movement; how revel in the length and strength of my stride!

So for you, boyfriend jean, I overcome my biases.  I wear you with pride.  And I take comfort in the fact that, even if I look short and stumpy, I am at least on-trend by incorporating you in a black and white ensemble.  It’s a classic trope and I’ve actually done an entire week in honor of it, but today we make it spring-like with several key ingredients.

Spring Wednesday

First up – the polka dot top.  Sure, it’s another classic, but polka dots get a reboot with the bohemian blouson effect in both torso and sleeve.  Also, rather than traditional white on black, I give you black on white.  This lightens the look considerably, diminishing the potential “winter” vibe and boosting the “spring” vibe instead.  (By the way, if this weren’t work, I’d go bold and wear only a black bra underneath, but for modesty’s sake and so I won’t get written up, I chose a black cami instead.)

To mitigate the sloppiness of the jeans, I opted for a pair of shiny crocodile pumps – nothing as intense as a stiletto but with enough pizzazz to elevate the outfit and perhaps lengthen the silhouette?

Finally, more proof that the devil is in the details, I finished off the ensemble with a braided headband and Betsy Johnson pearl earrings, both keeping with the black and white theme.  This was the icing on the cake, and produced the same happiness factor as the accessories did for me in Monday’s look.

Spring Wednesday

What about you, my friends?  Have you got anything in your closet that you hate to love?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – tobi
Jeans – Earl Jean @ Marshall’s
Pumps – Rampage
Earrings – Betsy Johnson @ eBay
Headband – freebie @ Charlotte Russe

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