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Week 13 :: of mirrors, neon, and plagiarizing pics

So here’s a conundrum for you: how does one handle found images?

It’s been preying on my mind – this borrowing of photos from Google/Pinterest/other bloggers sites.  The English teacher in me begs for citations and sources referenced but the harried working mom in me says “to heck with it!” and blithely copy/pastes away with abandon.

I started off this blog identifying my sources (under each pic, I think I put “courtesy of” and then the site), but in the midst of planning and creating and writing and uploading, I sort of got out of the habit of doing so.  Thing is, depending on the week’s themes and my needs and my time and my everything else, sometimes the photo in question doesn’t lend itself to referencing or referencing it just proves too damned cumbersome.

Say I find an image on Pinterest.  Do I cite Pinterest?  The person I pinned it from?  The original website it came from?  What if the original website no longer exists or proves a dead link?  If I find the original website, do I link back to it?  Do I just mention it?  Do I email the author and request permission?  What if it’s a magazine?  Or a blog about a picture in a magazine?

The obvious way around all this is to not use others’ pictures and just generate my own.  I’ve actually done that all this week and last, but again, that’s because of the weeks’ themes.  And remember, this blog started off as a dupe blog; I’m supposed to post other people’s looks.

Well, as I await response from you, my friends, regarding this rather contentious topic, how about we take a look at today’s spring offering:

Spring Thursday

I purchased this top when the Prabal Gurung collection at Target went on deep discount.  I hadn’t had my eye on it at all when the lookbook first came out but it was a steal at $ dollars so into my cart it went.  I think I’d intended to return it, experiencing buyer’s remorse when I tried to style it at home, but I must have thrown it in the tank top section of my closet (behind my door and therefore out of immediate sight and mind) and forgot about it.  Until now.

It’s still a tank top, which limits its possibilities in my book because of my arm hang-ups, but you can’t beat it for being a triple threat as far as trends go: it’s got the mirror image thing, the floral thing and the neon thing all in one.  A keeper, especially after I pair it with a weather-inappropriate yet upper-arm camouflaging cardi.  Does the cardi cover up the cunning mesh cap sleeve?  Yes.  Do I care?  Not really.  The cardi stays on.

Spring Thursday

Let’s pause for a moment and discuss these shoes.  Have I said yet how much I adore Seychelles?  So much so that I was considering doing an entire weekend blog post featuring all my Seychelles shoes.  They are just the perfect combination of comfy and cute, and these wedges are no exception.  I got them on eBay and had been waiting for warmer weather to put them through their paces so, voilà!  I’m totally digging the functional zipper on the heel and the strappy, gladiator-esque vamp.  I can see myself putting these suckers to good use in the near future.  Perhaps they’ll earn a spot on my Yale list?

I had originally tried a pair of fuschia skinnies with the top to pull out the complementary colors of the floral print, but coupled with the black cardi, the outfit suddenly screamed more “fall” than “spring”.  So on went my neon ankle pants, to Aly’s chagrin (“I just don’t like it, Mom!  It’s too much green!”), and although once again I am in danger of blinding my students, at least I am now seasonally apropos.

Spring Thursday

So, what do you think, my friends? Should I keep with the initial intent of the blog and do dupes? If so, how should I handle referencing pictures? Or do you think I should accept its evolution, going more with themes and not depending so much on other people’s looks?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Prabal Gurung @ Target
Pants – Mossimo @ Target
Cardigan – F21
Wedges – Seychelles @ eBay

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