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Week 13 :: of graphic prints, broth and quoting Sally

They say that too many cooks spoil the broth.

But in my case, the more the merrier.

Let me backtrack:  you know how sometimes, something you’d never noticed before suddenly pops up everywhere once someone points it out?  Case in point: I had written a semi-diatribe on blogging stats the other day, and sure, I got a few encouraging comments which did make me feel better but I didn’t think anything of it after because I don’t tend to dwell.  Plus, a very wise friend told me to just ignore the stats and write what I like and I decided to follow that piece of advice.

Anyhow, in the past five days since then, I’ve received a comment from a woman I’d not heard from in decades, kudos from my very discriminating Big Sis as well as reports from her that her friends admire my outfits too, and an actual email from a former student who is now into the fashion scene and wants advice from “an experienced blogger” like me!

Color me flabbergasted!  To paraphrase the immortal words of Sally Fields: “You like me!  You really like me!”

So even though this could signal the beginning of a plethora of unsolicited advice/criticism/commentary, I say “Lay on, MacDuff!”  The writer in me who is a confessed feedback whore anticipates with relish the results of opening this Pandora’s box.

[insert triumphant fanfare here]

Oh, but you say you came here for the clothes?  My apologies, my friends.  I was just a little giddy from all the attention.  I’m sure this, too, shall pass.  Let’s get on with the show.  Today’s spring trend is the graphic print and the ubiquitous pastel.

Spring Friday

Not to be confused with graphic tees, graphic prints made ELLE’s trend watch last year and I personally think it’s still going strong.  My choice today isn’t as bold as their examples, of course, but I’m not strutting the catwalk and I feel I need to be a but more subdued.  I happen to like this particular print because it’s subtle enough not to be so headache-inducing (I stand and speak in front of a crowd all day long, remember?) but it provides just the right amount of visual interest to keep the ensemble from being too blah.

Another anti-blah technique is my choosing a pastel that’s not a traditional navy pairing.  Lilac is a halfway point between African Violet and Linen (two colors on the Pantone color report for spring), and it makes the deep blue of the top really pop.

Spring Friday

To pull the white from the shirt’s pattern, I’m wearing a snakeskin belt that peeks out from under a semi-tuck and my fave Macha flats which I think will become my go-to white shoe until someone gives me a link for a white pump/wedge/sandal that won’t break the bank and won’t look too institutional.

I thought to throw in an accessory – headband, scarf, earrings? – in order to follow that J.Crew three-piece rule, but I think the belt and the graphic print together function as plenty.  So I just opted for my signature circle necklace and called it a day.

Spring Friday

What about you, my friends?  Any thoughts on graphic prints?  Do you wear them?  Only as tops?  Only as bottoms?  How bold would you go?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Merona @ Target
Jeans – Mossimo @ Target
Flats – Macha @ Target
Belt – H&M

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