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What’s in my cart :: Yale revisited

Can you believe it’s been two weeks since my last frantic Yale post?

I am happy to report that I am now less frantic and more filled with focus.  Time does heal/solve all things.  Time allows me to acknowledge my panic and then let it go in the face of Reason.

And Reason reminded me that I’m flying JetBlue to take advantage of their “one free bag check-in” policy.  Reason also told me to research the restrictions (no larger than 62″ total size and no more than 50 lbs.) and to consider weight and cost versus laundry and variety.  Here’s a lovely chart for visual aid:

More clothes Less clothes
Heavier bag Lighter bag
Possible extra check-in cost Free
More variety Less variety
Less laundry to do More laundry to do

Upon first glance, it seems like a no-brainer. I should pack a lot of clothes because it means less laundry and more sartorial fun, right?  But when one factors in the cost of over-packing ($50 if you go over the limit or $40 for every other checked-in bag) and the logistics of it all (lugging cumbersome bags through unfamiliar territory), suddenly variety doesn’t seem so appealing.

I did even more research and found Project 333, which is an intriguing concept but a bit too minimalist for me.  However, the site gave me a concrete number, a jumping-off point, if you will.  I looked long and hard at my closet and thought about my needs and goals and I settled on a magic number: 13.  That is, I intend to pack 13 tops and 13 bottoms and theoretically, if I choose wisely, that’ll give me a possible 169 outfit combinations.

Unfortunately, even I am not that good.  I don’t know if I can make every top go with 13 of the bottoms and vice versa.  So I made the realistic assumption of 4.  I needed to make sure that for every top or bottom I bring, I should be able to make 4 possible combinations per each.  With this in mind, my 13 tops and 13 bottoms translates into 52 outfit combinations and you know what?  I can live with that.

This, of course, is where Go Chic or Go Home would’ve come in handy.  But I never did get around to taking pictures of all my clothes, let alone upload them to the site.  (This is where I pause my typing and laugh heartily at the thought of that ever happening.  Ever. )

So I’m just going to have to trust my instincts and my creativity and choose items that are comfortable, cute and lightweight and pray that I’ll be able to get at least 4 per out of all of them.  Here, then, are my choices:


  • 4 pairs shorts (denim, white, grey, red)
  • 5 skirts (3 midi, 1 mini, 1 maxi)
  • 3 pairs skinnies (grey, denim, mint)
  • 1 pair cargo pants (olive green)


  • 2 Merona button down shirts (yellow, navy)
  • 2 Old Navy chambray shirts (white, dark wash?)
  • 2 graphic tees
  • 1 striped tee
  • 6 pretty blouses

And because my intrepid TA is allowing me extra tops beyond my 13 as long as I don’t wear them by themselves:


  • 5 tank tops
  • 5 plain tees
  • 5 cardigans

If I’m feeling spunky, I’ll start taking pictures of these items and post them two Saturdays from now.  Otherwise, you’ll have to wait and be surprised come Yale time.  Here’s hoping I make friends quickly once I get there or this’ll end up being a blog of daily mirror shots for 54 days.

up next: shoes and accessories
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