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Week 14 :: of shifts and enjoying being a girl

This promises to be an odd sort of week.

Not only will we be having a late start day on Wednesday due to final presentations (meaning the juniors don’t check in until 4:30pm and will be showcasing their projects through 8pm so parents can come see), I am also taking a sanctioned day off to celebrate my birthday.

That’s right; I said “sanctioned”.  The Big Boss okay-ed my request to play official hooky.  I think my prestigious Yale trip had a lot to do with that okay.

Anyhow, because of my deviations from routine, I decided to resuscitate a previously-discarded theme for reasons that will be abundantly clear once I present it.  Without further ado, then, my friends, I give you

Frolic in Frocks Week

Oh, quit with the eye rolling already.  You know it sounds a lot more impressive than “Dress Week”.  And “Dress to Impress Week” was too predictable and suggested something else entirely.  But do you see now why this is the perfect theme?  I mean, how much more effortless can a dress be?  One item.  Throw it on.  Run out the door.  Brilliant.

Of course, being me, I have to go and complicate things even in the pursuit of simplicity.  So I decided to give you different types of dresses, a new silhouette a day.  Thanks to Luscious Dress Boutique for a very comprehensive article, from which I am shamelessly borrowing all this week.

Today is the day for the shift to shine.

Dress Monday

I didn’t think this dress would get to me in time, Target’s shipping being infinitely snail-like and all.  Even then, I had little expectations of it since, according to its description, it “hangs from the shoulder in a straight line with no waistline accentuation”.  It doesn’t sound too flattering, does it?

But the second it settled across my shoulders and skimmed over my hips, I was in love.  I don’t care if it ends up not photographing well and it looks like I’m wearing a potato sack.  I feel pretty.  I am totally channeling my inner Nancy Kwan in it, feminism be damned.

Dress Monday

I don’t know if it’s the color or the fabric or the cut, but my happiness factor is just through the roof with this dress.  And since it’s getting harder and harder for me to muster any sort of enthusiasm for work anymore, especially on a Monday, this choice was a no-brainer.  It also pairs nicely with the Christian Siriano wedges I scored from Payless a while back but hadn’t found an occasion to wear until now.

Dress Monday

The lace of the dress and the strappy blue sassy-ness of the wedge make for a winning combo with no further need of embellishment; it’s just that perfect.  Honestly, if it weren’t for my budget and the lack of real estate in my closet, I’d already have bought this dress in all colors.  Happy Monday indeed!

And you, my friends?  What in your closet makes your happiness factor shoot sky high?  Does it depend on your mood or do you have a go-to item?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Merona @ Target
Shoes – Christian Siriano @ Payless

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