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Week 14 :: of shirts and not gilding the lily

They say the shirt dress is a classic and that every closet is incomplete without one.

I have managed to avoid acquiring one, however, because I am not one for following what “they” say.  Too, the silhouette of a shirt dress “has a looser, straight fit, buttons down the front, and has a waist definition given by a belt”, and no matter how easily it seems I’ve embraced the semi-tuck/belt thing, I still think my shorter torso is not flattered by belts at the natural waistline, making shirt dresses a no-no in my book.

Or so I thought.

One day earlier this school year, KS#2 asked me to return some stuff she’d gotten online from Old Navy.  And even though she’d bought smalls in everything and even though two of the items were shirt dresses, of course I had to try out all her swag before I returned them.

Of course.

Guess what I ended up falling in love with?

Dress Tuesday

I think it was the lack of belt that did me in.  That, and the fabric – all silky and forgiving.  Both managed to make me feel practically svelte in this particular shirt dress.  And the vanity sizing didn’t hurt matters either.  Me and my linebacker shoulders, fitting in a small?  Hallelujah!

Now the thing with a shirt dress is that it’s such an iconic look, you almost don’t want to add anything else to it.  This is especially the case with this number because it’s already got the added feature of the color block.  Let’s go ahead and deconstruct the outfit elements, then, and see if I managed to enhance rather than destroy.

So the hardest decision I had to make for this outfit was which shoe to wear.  I tried on numerous options, including but not limited to peep-toe stilettos, folded half booties, demure almond-to pumps and cap toe flats.

The final decision was made because a. I was tired, b. it matched the color block colors of the dress, and c. who can resist perforations?  Classic oxford vibe with classic shirt dress silhouette.  It’s a win-win pairing.

Dress Tuesday

For accessories, initially I had on my black and pink pearls but once again, that issue with fuss.  I subbed with a simple single pearl strand but that was too twee.  Little Miss Aly (aka my eight-going-on-eighteen-year-old daughter) eventually rolled her eyes and plucked my curved bar necklace from the jewelry stand.  Ah, the student has become the master!  Well done, my young Padawan!

And you, my friends?  Would you wear a shirt dress?  And would you belt it or leave it loose?

Dress Tuesday

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Old Navy
Pumps – Madden Girl
Necklace – Tobi

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