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Week 14 :: of sheaths and pursuing comfort

So today is my late-start day.

This means a guilt-free, sleep-in morning followed by an unhurried brunch then a traffic-free commute.  Of course, before you hunt me down and key my car, you have to realize that all this leisure culminates in a frenzied two hours of grilling and grading the kids on their projects.

Normally, I’m in charge of professionalism which means I don’t have to talk to them;  I just have to check that skirts are decent, cleavage is modest, pants aren’t saggy, and everyone’s demeanor is spot on.

But this time around, I got short end of the stick and am doing content.  So I actually have to do work.

I know, I know.  I want plenty of cheese with my whine.  Brie, if you could.

Anyhow, since this is a time for the students to shine, and since I’m not assessing professionalism and therefore don’t have to be a model of sartorial presentation-worthiness, I can go easy with my own attire.  In the past, I’ve dressed to the nines and my feet curse me to the seventh ring of hell because of it.  This time, I go comfort.

Which means a sheath and flats.

Dress Wednesday

The sheath dress “features a figure-hugging silhouette with a defined waist creating a form-fitting effect”, but in my case, I fudged a bit and opted for a pseudo-sheath.  That is, the neckline is a cowl, which diminishes the figure-hugging vibe but makes me feel less like I’ve got two torpedoes on my chest ready to launch.  (My ladies always feel overexposed and vulnerable when I wear ye ol’ bodycon stuff, which is why I usually reserve it for bottoms.)

I love the material of this dress.  Black doesn’t photograph well anyway, but you must know that it’s ponte – that most forgiving of fabrics – and it’s the perfect weight in that it skims instead of settles over my lumps and bumps.  It’s so forgiving that I don’t even mind the belt at my natural waistline.

Dress Wednesday

On a typical day, I’d pair this number with kitten heels if I’m feeling mid-century secretarial or with stilettos if I’m going vampy (the Marilyn Monroe kind, not the Edward Cullen).  But as mentioned before, I need to be comfortable today.

Honestly, flats wouldn’t have been my first choice because a sheath does need a bit of lift to make the proportions look right, so whaddayagonnado?  You go on Google, look for “sheath dress and flats”, feel vindicated that loads of bloggers do this pairing and do it well, then disguise the lack of heel with a distracting cap toe.

Dress Wednesday

I still feel slightly stumpy but I know I won’t be hobbling about by evening’s end.  And maybe, if I’m in a positive mood, the kids will get positive grades.

(Yeah, right.)

What about you, my friends?  Have you ever had to sacrifice style for comfort?  Did you just embrace it or did you fight it all the way?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Evan Picone @ ideeli
Shoes – Dexflex @ Payless

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